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  1. can't wait :) i hope photos are clear enough to rebuild it :)
  2. hmmm it's strange that goes so slow...probably for the high weight of the car.... i tested mine with an L motor moving only itself and it seemed good...i'll have to check how its gonna go when i'll add some weight
  3. ok the video is now aviable i apologize for the poor quality of the video...im in a hurry...im gonna upload another one soon :)
  4. ok here's the download link http://www.mediafire...5jkew38lqt3gsvc there are only pictures...i hope they will help :) if you need something in particular ask me! if you can't understand how gears are set, look at the sheepo's instructions on his site, it's pretty much the same except for the two 8 - 24 teeth gears outside the gearbox's head
  5. that clutch works very well with every torque...but if you want to reinforce it, you could cut a 3 stud axle in 3 pieces and fill with a self made 1stud axle those holes, as sometimes they bend on theirselves... im a bit ashamed about it ahaha...i dont know!, i only know that the third gear is 1:1 and the first is 8 teeth knob with the 24 teeth one...dunno about the second and the R gear :P sorry! anyway im uploading a pack of images so you can download it
  6. yeah the two slopes push the yellow pins and when they are pushed switch in a direction or in the other the levers that control the gears selector. unfortunately i have no time to make instructions...i took some photos let me edit them and try to write something on them to make you re-build it :)
  7. yeah i know it...i'll try to dismount it as much as i can to let you rebuild it...im also gonna upload a video in one hour or two :) let me take the pictures of it....il get back in 10 minutes :)
  8. piterx


    yeah that's exactly the same point of view that i had :) to the hell the hype...ill publish it now ;)
  9. piterx


    hi guys! i got a big doubt about what to do: i've made a 15x13 studs 3+R gearbox improving dimensions of the sheepo's gearbox... im a bit unsure if i should publish it now or finish the Fiat 126 im building around it first.. what would you suggest :P ?
  10. piterx


    yeah I already took some pictures :P it's just a matter of "hype" should i keep it or share everything now? from a side im tempted to share it now coz id like to show it to you all...from the other side i'd like to share it when you all can see its potential :P to be or not to be! lol
  11. piterx


    cool moc :) maybe the tyres are too small? but it looks good anyway :)
  12. hey man! welcome! that's cool, could you also shoot a video? im curious to see how it rides as i got that model too :)
  13. piterx

    MOC: Mower

    hehe cool moc dude :) i always like unusual things like this model!
  14. Hey guys! These days I've been building this model inspired by the 1994's 8858 :) it has power functions with servo for steering XL motor for drive witha gear ratio of 1:1 ...it's not a perfect replica, coz i've built it quickly and without old instructions to match the proportions....it just reminds that model :) i hope you like it up the oldschool style!
  15. piterx

    MOC - 8858 remake studless

    yeah I loved that model so much when i was kid but i never had that :P so 2 years ago i bought an used one and now it's on my library :D
  16. piterx

    New Snowmobile

    yeah i don't like very much the front part but i need those black plates to avoid snow reaching the motors....i need to invent something for the "hood" its too simple :P
  17. piterx

    Lego Technic in Winter

    new snowmobile incoming :P give me some hours lol
  18. piterx

    One Way Drive Clutch

    ah...and of course you'll need a gearbox with reverse :)
  19. piterx

    One Way Drive Clutch

    yeah! you don't even need to make it that big...its enough if you make it like this if the model has really a lot of torque you could cut a 3 studs axle in 3 parts and put it inside of the empty part of the rubber (sorry i hope i've been clear xD) this because those rubber parts tend to bend on theirselves if the torque is too high...but with an XL motor we all know what usually happends xD i solved that problem filling the rubber parts with a "self made" 1 stud axle :P
  20. piterx

    One Way Drive Clutch

    i used that mechanism in this moc...it was so cool that im using it in the new offroad car im building now :) here's the video where i took inspiration from :) but you'll need a brake system because otherwise your model won't stop when desidered :P
  21. piterx

    Audi R18

    very cool moc dude! :) im developing a compact 4+R sequential gearbox that could make your car go incredibly fast :P i hope ill finish it soon so i can show it to everyone :)
  22. piterx

    Announcement: MocPlans.com

    yeah you're right but what's gonna happen when sariel (just an example) will give instructions for free and someone will use part of those instructions to make money ? i leave it to your imagination lol
  23. piterx

    Announcement: MocPlans.com

    sorry guys im not here to ruin your party but: i think that when you build something you're actually earning something (having fun in this case) why is everyone so happy to pay or get payed for instructions? i mean, i have an awesome concept in my mind for a remote gearbox and clutch...in some days ill check if it works and then, if it works, ill SHARE it TOTALLY FREE with you all !!! in my opinion selling instructions is only going to increase "industrial espionage" between builders...and we're only gonna have more topics titled "that guy copied this" "that guy copied that" increasing also jealousy between builders because: lets suppose i build something and i expect to earn some money right? Then here comes the Dude who bought my first idea, develops it better and gains 10 times what i gained using my idea...that's not gonna be nice, you know what im saying :P? The point is that to me knowledge has to be free so everyone can benefit of it... but i understand that many of you would like to see their "time" converted into money :)
  24. piterx

    Lego Technic in Winter

    here's my little quad :P video is gonna come out in 2 or 3 days :)