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  1. Hello this is my first time joining eurobrick's contest. Enter file... File found opening... Secret base found Location: Kuat Drive Yards Mission: Find out all the functions of the base private. May the force be with you commander... Over and out... Saved data... 1400hrs We have a photo of the secret base it seems to be heavily guarded [/img] [/img] End of report... Next Data opening...2300hrs We notice nothing different today. Wait! There seems to be an activity. Hide! Something's moving in the gates seems like a manual stretcher operated by a astromench! This photo is all we have. [/img] End of report... Next data opening...0900hrs The enemy seems to have a hanger to land and repair ships for battle. WOSHHHHHHHHHHHH! Enemy ship sighted! Its a jedi starfighter! The ships land and its jedi master hurries to call the engineer to help him fix it. This image would show it with another astromech on the fighter. [/img] End of report... New file opening... Data found. Opening...2400hrs Today, we successfully sent our spies in to scout around and the information we've got was quite less. Only some so called house or docking station for the droids to rest and recharge. Look! One is being transported right now! [/img] The spy got a scolding from the commander in charge for bring too less information. I think I need to work harder to prevent from being scolded. End of report... 2nd data opening...0300hrs Woke up so early! Did not have enough sleep! Informant found that they had a incinerator to melt down the droids! Argh! I would try to stay away from it! We saw a droid being melted down right in front of us! [/img]-> [/img]-> [/img] I feel like puking so I will end my report here. (Is it because so not enough sleep of the greenish 'seaweed' that I ate for dinner last night?) End of report... 3rd data opening...1800hrs Hi! Our spy got distracted with the different types of weapons that the armory has. He is so gonna get scolded by the commander again. [/img] He found a medical centre! Oh no! The bacta tank contains DARTH VADER!!!!!! A medical droid is attending to him right now. A clone just accidentally fell of the bed! [/img] End of report... 4th data opening...0600hrs We found a senator dancing below a disco ball. (talking about music.....) Suddenly a speeder starts and is moving towards us, watch out! http://www.flickr.com/photos/84252876@N07/7724300348/[/img] End of report... 5th data opening...2200hrs * *Finally We gained access to the Head Quarters! The lift was medieval build using chains thus kinda slow. I see only a droid controlling. Others are humans! Ops! I am spotted by a passing guard! Picture time! http://www.flickr.com/photos/84252876@N07/7724300178/[/img] End of report... Last file attachment...2400hrs The enemy had discover our base thus we are under attack!!! Mayday! Mayday! AAUGH! AAUGH! We were under attack anyone help p p p u s ! AAU !!! ----------------------------------- Report disrupted... Auto saving... End of report... Thank you for spending your precious time with me!
  2. Dark Angel

    REVIEW: LEGO Star Wars 9496 – Desert Skiff

    i like the new boba with the new prints
  3. Dark Angel

    Theed Hangar Battle (now on tour/shows)

    nice creation!
  4. Dark Angel

    Petranaki Arena

    nice arena
  5. Dark Angel

    Star Wars sets anyone?

    when is Battle of Hoth LEGO Game and Pre Viszla's Starfighter coming out?
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    Watto's Junkyard Discussion

    nice to hear that there is a new contest
  7. adding to malgus! nice design lego made him
  8. Dark Angel

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    some of the sets are out already but i am still looking forward to the Battle of Hoth LEGO Game and Pre Viszla's Starfighter
  9. Dark Angel

    MOC: Lego Animals

    COOL Try making other animals like monsters or dragons?
  10. Dark Angel

    Astromech Workplace Contest

    How are the prizes gotten I am from Singapore so can I participate?