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  1. Ultr6L3g0

    Modular Madness

    what are the prizes!
  2. In 80 years I'll be an old man still building rocket ships, buildings,and airplanes.

  3. Ultr6L3g0

    Graphic Designers Wanted !

    cool. could they keep that position open for five years, when I'm old enough?
  4. Ultr6L3g0

    Review: 21102 Minecraft Micro World

    I looked at the extras, and all you need is a tall blue 1x1 to make a second steve
  5. Ultr6L3g0

    Article: LEGO and Animals

    yo people Rhino
  6. Ultr6L3g0

    10228 Haunted House

    This would be cool for a Lego youtube Flip that house show where the haunted house is remodeled
  7. Ultr6L3g0

    REVIEW: 4184 Black Pearl

    You should replace the gray feathers in the figureheads hand with the extra black plume, it looks more realistic.
  8. Ultr6L3g0

    REVIEW: 9464 The Vampyre Hearse

    I like the new glow in the dark head. bit of a surprise since you can't tell it glows like the old voldemort.It seems a little bit empty with only two glow in the dark elements though. could use some on the side.
  9. Ultr6L3g0

    Article: LEGO and Animals

    I'd like sheep, deer, Bulls,a new head up cobra snake, and Lions. the deer antlers look a little flimsy though. maybe you should make them about one rod thick and shorter.
  10. Ultr6L3g0

    The Exterminator

    is this like a mini republic tank?
  11. Ultr6L3g0

    Astromech Workplace Contest

    Are there any size limits?