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  1. Captain Merlot

    W.I.P.The great fortress of Fabulaun

    Even though this is a pirate forum I thought about making a castle MOC I just started on Sunday the fifteenth so its far from finished, Here it is, Please reply!
  2. Captain Merlot

    The royal navy is building a new ship...

    Well, I can honestly say I think that I might be going a little too fast but, here it is the finished model of the center section, there will be four of what I am about to show you, Then I finished the stern too, but the worst is yet to come after I finish the bow, the rigging, but let's think happy thoughts, here's a pic from the back of the stern, This one will give you a better view of the deck, This one allows you to get a idea of what the interior looks like, I finally learned how to resize my pictures and always keep tuned in for more info. Yours truly, Captain Merlot
  3. Captain Merlot

    The royal navy is building a new ship...

    I was Inspired by dread pirate wesley third rate ship-of-the-line, by the way how do you resize picture on a mac?
  4. Captain Merlot

    The royal navy is building a new ship...

    Though I have a huge love for the Bluecoat army, I thought about making a 100 gun ship (this is is a guess on how many guns there will be) for the royal navy, the color scheme is based of of my other ship, HMS Duffy shown below, the name of this ship I am still thinking about, but I'll think of one soon. here's the ship that I was describing, Thanks again from Captain Merlot
  5. Captain Merlot

    [Flickr Find] SS GuppyTowne

    very interesting how they use the viking bow, I like it.
  6. Captain Merlot

    Small Sail Boat

    Nice ship, I like the lantern, also I like the sails.
  7. Captain Merlot

    Ship-of-the-Line Under Construction

    Are you going to fully rig this ship with sails? Already it looks like it belongs in Louvre, it is a masterpiece that resembles how much can be done with legos, keep up the good work. Hopefully you can keep off Napoleon at the battle of Trafalgar.
  8. Captain Merlot

    2012 Pirates?

    I read a a page on brickapedia, telling that they were to discontinue the POTC sets this year, which would mean hopefully another sailing themed line MIGHT come, though, most likely the POTC will be replaced by the hobbit coming this fall or winter, still there can be hope I always loved lego pirate sets, though most likely there won't be a new sailing themed series to come out for a while . Though don't get me wrong, it would be cool to see a trading company theme, or royal navy theme too. By the way I got on the internet and found out that there might be pirates included in Ninjago, I don't like Ninjago, but it would be nice to see pirates. All you have to type into the google bar is: lego 2013 pirates.
  9. Captain Merlot

    USS Veronica

    I would love to but I have a mac.
  10. Captain Merlot

    USS Veronica

    I remodeled this ship so it had a graceful curve, here's a view of the bow: Here's another view of the bow: Here's a view of the bottom front: And here's a view of the back,(this will eventually become the captains cabin.)
  11. Captain Merlot

    Ship of the line

    That's a nice ship, though I wish the cannon flaps were a different color, Other than that, beautiful ship, by any chance do you know the name?
  12. Captain Merlot

    Vanguard Fort

    A question, in the last photo, what was the name of that ship? Other than that, that's one of the best MOCs I've ever seen, fantastic job!
  13. Captain Merlot

    UCS Black Pearl

    When do you believe the rigging will be done.
  14. Captain Merlot

    USS Veronica

    Thank you, when I remodel the ship, I'll keep that in mind.
  15. Captain Merlot

    USS Veronica

    I thought about getting in the spirit for the fourth of july, so I decided to make this USS Constitution themed ship, the outcome was a ship called the USS Veronica. The first of these is a view from the front of the ship. The next one is a view of the side of the ship. The next photo is a picture of one of the figureheads. This photo is of the other figurehead. This next photo is of the prison aboard the ship. Last but not least, I decided to give you a overall view.