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  1. I'm looking for instructions and a parts list to turn my 42043 Arcos into an RC model. I am just looking for steering and drive, I don't want all the functions RC. I'm only just getting back into Technic and don't have a lot of spare parts or skills, so I'm hoping I can find a good guide and parts list. And will a L motor be powerful enough to drive the truck and haul a trailer with a 42430 Volvo digger on it? Or will I need to fit an XL motor in?
  2. Legotom

    Monorail game changer?

    Can you print the motor covers in other colours? I really need one in yellow. Also can you make them more like the original Lego one, with smooth sides except the three recessed rows of studs at the top. I'm worried the extra studs may catch on bits the monorail doesn't, and it rather spoils the smooth sided look of the original.
  3. Seems you can only use the API if you have a bricklink sellers account. Oh well. The Brickstock method isn't too bad now I've tried it. The best way is to look up key parts and what colours you can get, then see if the other parts can be got.
  4. Thanks for that. I've used Brickstock before, but I've got a 14 day old baby and havent had time to get my laptop out and fiddle about. I'll have a try. Still want to look at the API as I want to improve my coding.
  5. For making planes and cars, and probably trains. I've designed a few and want to see what liveries I could build them in. So I'd have a set of parts for the wings, lower body, upper and lower stripes, main body and roof/tail. Same idea for a car. Once I've worked out what colours each set can be in then I can fiddle around in LDD and see what's nice. I'll have a look at that, thanks.
  6. Yeah I've used that before and made an excel sheet. Gets very tedious if you've got more than a small handful of parts. And there are now dozens of different colours too. I think this would be quite easy to write a script for, I just don't know enough programming.
  7. Is there a tool, either to download or built into a website, where you can give it a list of parts and it will return a list of colours that all the parts are available in? I've done it once or twice before in Excel and it's very tedious work, so I'd love a tool that can do it for me.
  8. Legotom

    UK Sales

    Smyths toy shops have 20% off toys, including Lego. Instore only and only until Monday.
  9. Legotom

    2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Kids love helicopters though. My four year old thinks a helicopter with a winch is the best thing ever!
  10. Legotom

    [WIP] Signalbox Lever Frame with Interlocking

    Love this, brilliant engineering (as are real interlocked frames). I can't quite work out how the levers move the locking bars, can you show this? Is there a crank or something? Hope your new parts will get it working properly. That is the whole idea of interlocking. To try and prevent conflicting moves being signalled. E.g you couldn't set the points for a train to cross a line unless that line was signalled at danger. All done mechanically in the original lever frame boxes, then by relays, and now by solid state electronics and software. This is a mechanical box. The idea is that when a lever is moved to unlock a set of points or set a signal, it moves a locking bar across that locks or releases other levers. So in theory you can't set the points and signals in such a way so that two trains collide.
  11. Legotom

    Bootleg Super Heroes minifigs - worth it or not?

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a clone brand that makes a Princess Leia slavegirl minifig? The figure doesn't have to be brilliant as I'm only after the hair piece. I'm trying to make a lineup of my family and that's the closest match to my wife's hair, although a bit short. It costs over £8 on Bricklink, and that's from sellers with over £50 min order! Or over £20 for the full figure. So I'm hoping to find a decent clone brand. Very excited to see the Lepin emerald night coming. Think I'll be ordering one or three of them. Has anyone built a big Lepin kit? Are they good quality? I've got a few Enlighten trains and they're pretty good, although sadly discontinued.
  12. Great idea. I didn't see this post the first time around so thanks Mods for bumping it up. You could do it this way. You'd have to solder some link wires between the fixed and moving bits of bridge, which might be tricky without melting the plastic of the track. Or use two sets of 9v track power connectors to join the two sections, but that would be rather bulky and ruin the look of the bridge.
  13. I tell you what, if one of the Chinese knock off firms remade the Lego monorail, making sure it's 100% compatible with the original system, I would give them so much money.
  14. Has anyone ever bought Lepin and can speak to the quality. I never got Emerald night and can't afford one on eBay or Bricklink now. For £55 delivered I'm very tempted. I know my son would love a Lego steam engine too. Maybe a joint Christmas present to us from me...
  15. Having switched all my trains over to power functions I'm having a clear out of all my 9v track. I have the following to go: 50 straights - 5 for £10 36 curves - 6 for £2 4 points (2 left hand and 2 right hand), complete and working with the little yellow levers. £7.50 each. 9v controller and track connector lead. I don't have the plug in transformer for this, but it works off 12v DC, so a transformer will be easy to find. £10. Bundle of everything - £130 Postage will depend on what you want and where you are, I will send as cheap as possible. I am in the UK. Postage for the whole bundle would be somewhere around £10 for the UK. Free collection from Paisley would also be possible. Payment by PayPal in pounds sterling please (PayPal will convert to your local currency), or personal cheque or bank transfer for UK buyers.