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  1. Stenly

    MOC: LEGO Colosseum

    That's really great!
  2. Stenly


    Nice girl.
  3. Stenly


    All OK, I correct what you ask.
  4. Stenly

    LOTR Project: The Two Towers

    Treebeard is exellent! I really like him! Minifigs are good, I like Merry, Pippin and Sam. Other sets are good too.
  5. Stenly

    Golden Whale

    Very cool! Respect to author!
  6. Stenly


    RoboWolf Backstory: James McKinley was a boxer. He won all competitions, but one day he was failed... He had a friend, who was working as a engineer-scientist. James asked him to make a dark-blue robo-suit. Soon James start his new "job" as a destroyer of everything... Now he is known as RoboWolf, DOE (DestroyerOfEverything) or Giant James (Only superheroes name he such, because he hate this name). Info: - James hate Batman and Robin. - James is very tall - 2 m 17 sm - James doesn't like Joker. - James's best villain-friend is Bane. - James's father was a doctor; mother was a teacher, but she was dead when James was 6. - James live with stepmother, and she was like a demon. He hate her. - James went to kung-fu, box and go to sporthall to train. He's very strong. - James is 35 age old. Front Back Side Price: Dark Bluish Gray Hips and Dark Blue Legs with Silver Belt and Armor Pattern US $0.85 Dark Blue Torso Space Armor with 'LUIZ' Pattern US $0.94 Dark Blue Minifig, Headgear Helmet Space without Visor Attachment[/u US $1.34 Light Flesh Minifig, Head Glasses with Black Goggles, Gray Chin Strap Pattern (SW Imperial AT-ST Pilot) US $1.50 Black Hands: US $0.06 TOTAL PRICE: $4,69 Thanks everybody for comments and watching!
  7. Stenly

    Tenebris Miles

    Nice minifig. Where do you take prices of minifigure parts?
  8. Stenly

    Review: 9474 The Battle of Helm's Deep

    Nice review, exellent set. There are a lot of useful details ( for me ). Minifigs are good.
  9. Stenly

    Review: 9473 The Mines of Moria

    This is one of the best sets in LOTR! But... Too much stickers! I don't like them, and it's the big problem...
  10. Stenly

    Hi everyone!

    Hi guys. My name is Sergey, I'm from Russia. I'm a big fun of LOTR, Castle and other historical LEGO series. Nice to meet everybody on this forum!
  11. Stenly

    REVIEW: LEGO Star Wars 9496 – Desert Skiff

    Exellent review! I must buy this set!
  12. Stenly

    The Rabbit!

    I like this minifigure! It's very original!
  13. Hm, not bad! I must build some... Villain.
  14. Stenly

    Crazy Pumpkin.

    Minifig is cool. Good work, BaraSH!