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    I'm a very big fan of Lego Action Themes. I also enjoy Lego Sci-fi and Historical Themes as well. You'll see me in the respective threads for those themes as well as the Action Figure and Star Wars forums up on occasion.
    Besides Lego, I am a big fan of video games, particularly Nintendo, but there are exceptions, of course. I also love to write! I've been told that I'm very good with fictional writing, not to toot my own horn. I also dabble into some art, but I'm not particularly great at it.


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  1. The only problem here is that it took people time to appreciate Empire. It wasn't just that it wasn't as much of a commercial success. It took the completion of the trilogy at the earliest for a general consensus to be made on Empire. Saying the inverse is true for TLJ is premature, as much as I know this thread would love that being a concrete thing.
  2. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    She's rumored to be in the throne room set, as there's a green-skirted, white haired character sitting dead center. We don't have clear pictures though, so there's no determining whether or not she has a new hair mold/different prints.
  3. It's... actually to get it into peoples hands while the movie is still relevant. The idea is to extend the relevance in interest as long as possible. It also typically takes longer for movies with box-office issues to produce a physical release.
  4. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Keep in mind that that is what the Stormbringer Dragon looks like combined with BOOST. The actual set without the BOOST looks quite different than what was on display at NYTF
  5. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Well, I mean the retailer catalogs said they arrive in June. That's 1HY, so...
  6. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    No one remembers the sixth wave that launched in the late spring/early Summer. I certainly won't. It's when we got the worst set in the entire theme, Mammoth's Frozen Stronghold. I agree that saying NEXO Knights (or CHIMA for that matter) "failed" is completely in the wrong. The fact they lasted for as long as they did certainly means they did something right.
  7. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    So was I the only one who saw Zussamengebaut mention that, apparently, LEGO Boost can be combined with the Stormbringer Dragon? I don't quite see how that would work, but I can say that I'm intrigued, and listening.
  8. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Sad to hear the theme is ending. Hope it gets some sort of story send off. Also, since LEGO is currently on the market as to what to do next, we're obviously going to have the "Bring back castle, LEGO!" people popping back in again, I thought I'd remind people that NEXO Knights was a Castle theme (not a space theme, or a sci-fi theme), and, therefore, it’s failure would actually worsen the chances of another Castle theme (traditional, fantasy, or otherwise) showing up anytime in the next two years at minimum. Also, I hate to break it to people, but in the current market, generic Castle just isn't something kids are interested in (LEGO's target market). However, medieval fantasy is probably at an all time high. I believe that, if LEGO were to go for a Castle theme in the near future, their safest course of action should be the elven, dwarven, and orc filled subtheme we've been dying for a revival for since 2008. Though an issue would be theme conflicts with Elves, and some of the concepts of Harry Potter. Or, you know, how 'bout a catchy space theme, or maybe even some Pirates, I dunno.
  9. The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    Aside from the fact that more than 10 people wrote for this movie at one time or another...
  10. Post about Cartoons and Anime you like

    What Star Fox needs is something able represent it, without relying on controls, or telling the Original Star Fox story for the second third fourth time. A movie would be perfect. My only gripe with Nintendo movies, is the need/want of (Hollywood) star power. I pray DESPERATELY that they get familiar characters with their game voices, but if they plan on using stars, I hope that they are for original characters. I feel changing voice actors for any of the staple characters in any of the (voiced) Nintendo IPs would by reason to stay as far away from a movie like this as possible. But we can hope that they use their brains.
  11. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Actually, they use the movie Bounty in the show now. No idea where they got it, but it's just moored there at the docks. It also, unlike the movie, has a sail transformation for its flight mode.
  12. Opportunity do so? Yes. Will they do that? No. The thing is though, the original LEGO Movie really tried to dig into the really obscure stuff that FOLs would understand. I can see them making Rocket Racer, whether in just using his name, or developing him as a full character, as the person that the main character is trying to best. It would make may heart sing. But we can't count on them to go that obscure (as much as I'd love it).
  13. Overwatch, Who's your favorite Heroe?

    Zarya is my go to in nearly all situations. I do play quite a bit of 76, Winston, and Orisa, with a touch of Symmetra and Genji. When I have to heal (which I try not too) I'm mostly Lucio, though sometimes I play Ana. Sometimes I play Bastion for LOLs too when it makes some sense (i.e. Defense Point A on Anubis) I have to admit, though, I haven't played since the Halloween event last year, so I haven't even touched my five Winter lootboxes or Moira.
  14. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    In what world? And no, candy colored Knights is not a strong enough reason to call it a retake (the only correlation). I wonder (if Nexo Knights is ending) if some of the designers might share some scrapped ideas?