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  1. hello, Chuck...

  2. Chuck

    4898 raffle tread

    Where did they get it?
  3. Chuck

    Whoops, there's SNOT dripping off my nose!

    Get a better bridge; It sticks out too much. -Chuck
  4. Chuck

    Pirate Treasure

    This is what I use as treasure, despite the castle fig beside it. -Chuck
  5. These patrol boats can usually be seen 5 or 6 times a day patrolling the Danube River. Gallery -Chuck
  6. Chuck

    2008 Picture thread

    It could be a Sith, for all we really know. Unless you can prove any of us otherwise, I advise you don't scold others for simply speculating. -Chuck-
  7. Chuck

    2008 Picture thread

    First of all, I don't know what "tone" you are talking about, so don't even try that mini-mod BS. Second of all, of course Eurobricks is a sample of people who voted. A very, very, small sample. Its as if you think only certain people were allowed to vote; it was an open poll. -Chuck
  8. Chuck

    2008 Picture thread

    Seriously; You think that it was just eurobricks members that voted? Besides, the set, whatever it will turn out to be, comes out in 2010. -Chuck
  9. Chuck

    I'm Back!

    For the past 5 weeks I've been in Budapest, Hungary; Vienna, Austria; Prague, Czech Republic (for the first week I was in Europe) and all over the great state of Israel, but I am glad to say I am back now. -Chuck
  10. Chuck

    Comic-Con 2008 Set!

    Is this the comic-con exclusive set? I thought it was going to be an indy set. -Chuck-
  11. I'll trade you this for a fabuland fig.Please pm me or flickrmail me for more info, as I am still in israel. -Chuck-
  12. Chuck

    What is your SigFig?

    This is Dr. Killinger; Dr. Henry Killinger. Und this is his Magic Murder Bag. "YOUR POWERS ARE USELESS AGAINST HIM, YOU SILLY BILLIES!" -CHUCK
  13. Chuck

    I'll be leaving tomorrow...

    I'll be leaving tomorrow for a five week trip to Eastern Europe and Israel. I will be in Prague, Budapest and Vienna for about a week and a half, and Israel for the rest of the time. I may or may not be able to visit EB, depending on how much internet will cost for me on my phone while abroad. -Chuck
  14. Chuck

    Picture Review of Set 2536

    This is a special Shell Promo set, and it is set #2 in the series. It is also the only set with Yellow diving flippers and that red printed piece. I bought it at Brickfest 2006, and am just opening it today :P Contents of the box: Pieces sorted: Left side with holder for the flippers: Right side with holder for harpoon gun and a light: Minifigure (I'm pretty sure this is the only set with a female diver): Overall, I think this is a great little set. I'm not one for words, but if you ever happen to come across it, I suggest getting it, and I personally think it is the best Shell set in the series of small promo sets that they made. -Chuck