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    Spider-man MOC: Cookies & Milk

    Thanks for the replies, they're very encouraging. Trying to think of future superhero MOCs - superheroes are good for this sort of thing because lots of people recognise them and will get the story that's being told. I was thinking one with Batman (I bought the Man-Bat Attack set to get him, oh dear this is how it starts...) sitting pensively in front of the Bat-Computer. Will have to give it some more thought.
  2. aescarion

    Spider-man MOC: Cookies & Milk

    Aloha all! My awesome friend bought me the equally awesome Spidey, Venom & Nick Fury set for my birthday and I loved the Venom and Spidey figures so much I had to do something cool with them. So I made this scene: Spiderman MOC 2 by republicofben, on Flickr I wanted to tell a story with a single scene, and also take advantage of the fact that Spider-man is basically a kid with all the normal problems kids have, as well as dudes like Venom gunning for him. Spidey's face is Emmet from the Lego Movie and Aunt May's hair is Vitruvius'. I couldn't find a better lower half for her so she's wearing a rather frumpy plain brown skirt. Hope you all like it. This is my first time making a superhero MOC like this and I'd like to do more, especially at this size which has enough space for storytelling without requiring gigantic parts investment.
  3. aescarion

    Microscale future cityscape MOC

    Hi everyone. I found I had a few hexagonal plates lying around (I think they were from the Avengers helicarrier set) and they inspired me to make this modular microscale city, set on a series of artificial island above the polluted surface. Each platform contains a particular district, and though I probably won't get round to it the full MOC would see them all connected by roads or monorails. I've just started making MOCs, and I'm afraid my photography isn't very good, but I thought I'd see what you chaps thought. First, 'Times Square' the entertainment & commercial district: Lego Cityscape Times Square by republicofben, on Flickr The Embassy, the political centre with a grand spire where the city's ambassadors hold court: Lego Cityscape Embassy by republicofben, on Flickr The Power Plant, a more ugly and prosaic part of the city that provides power for the other sections: Lego Cityscape Power Plant by republicofben, on Flickr And the Tower, a corporate headquarters centered around the main glass office tower: Lego Cityscape Tower by republicofben, on Flickr
  4. Hello everyone. These are some preliminary photographs of my entry for the Astromech Workplace contest. It is inspired by the scene in RotJ where Jabba uses R2-D2 to serve drinks on his barge. Such a humiliating fate is, sadly, all too common among the nightspots of the Imperial capital, Coruscant, as is the case for poor RU-18 in this diorama. When off-duty, he at least has the music droid M0-J0 to hang out with. The hotshot mercenary Brock Laserchin is trying his moves on a fine lady. Unfortunately he's trying to chat up Scapula Thorne, an bounty hunter as beautiful as she is deadly, and she doesn't look too impressed with Brock's game so far. With M0-J0 on stage is the vocalist Blorgulon Splaaarg, much to the consternation of the barman Murke. There's nothing intoxicating on the menu for Imperial Pilot Chad Chadnerson, who is trying to wake up with some strong coffee ready for his evening shift. Through the panoramic windows is a view of Coruscant's skyline. On viewscreens behind the bar are an advertisment for booze, an admonishment not to drink and fly (reading 'Fly Drunk, Fly Dead), and the ever-present Imperial propaganda (which reads simply 'OBEY'). Aside from the Imperial Pilot and his astromech from the V-Wing I am in the unusual position for an AFoL of not having any Star Wars minifigs. Until that is put right two aliens from Alien Conquest and a couple of collectable figs are standing in, along with a brick-built guitar-playing droid. The three screens behind the bar are made with tiles and custom decals. The pictures are rather poor so I'm hoping to take some better ones with some more angles before the contest deadline, along with any tweaks to the MOC that might occur to me. I think this was a cool idea for a contest and I appreciated the way it made me focus on an idea and finish it. I hope you enjoyed your trip to the 93rd Floor Bar, Aescarion.
  5. aescarion

    MOC: Small office

    I really like MOCs like this where a simple and small idea is done really well. Maybe a motivational poster could go on the wall? Also, he could have an alternative face for when he's getting to the end of the day. Do Lego do a minifig head with a bored expression and five o'clock shadow?
  6. aescarion

    NCS Federation Tactical Enforcer

    Great old-school vibe for this ship. For me the shape of the front end really stands out. It gives the whole thing a very airborne sort of profile. The tiling makes it look really smooth and sci-fi, too.
  7. aescarion

    Petranaki Arena

    This is a properly amazing build and an inspiration for what is possible with Lego. My fave is the Arklay. That thing looks so mean! It's totally gonna om nom nom itself some Jedi, I don't care what happened in the film.
  8. aescarion

    Episode VI - Battle of Endor Diorama

    What a great scene! Loving the SNOT bunker and the storytelling of the scene, like the little group of rebels surrounded by angry stormtroopers. I loved RotJ so much as a kid so this brings back memories. 'You rebel scum!' heh heh.
  9. aescarion

    Astromech Workplace Contest

    Quick rules q: are decals we've made ourselves (made on photoshop and printed out on decal paper, for instance) ok?
  10. aescarion

    Astromech Workplace Contest

    Hello everyone! Saw this contest and was moved to sign up just to enter it. I actually have an astromech droid, now I just have to work out what sort of things it might do... Wish me luck (gonna need it) Aescarion