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    Canadian Eh?

    We are. Just remember Vimy Ridge, "Can we please have this hill, and may you please die while we take it. Thank you so much! And sorry for the inconvenience." Love Canada
  2. Rook

    [MOC] Ageing Agent Smith

    Alternate Set Design #70162 Alternate Set Build #70162 by RΟΟK, on Flickr
  3. Section: B Sorry tried to post images but Flickr decided to do the stupid interface update.
  4. Rook

    [SoNE Ep IV] Sector B - Rook

    Thanks for the quick tutorial I'll have to try to figure it out next time. I've been sick for the past few weeks and I'm finally getting back to building! :thumbsup: (And posting ;D)
  5. Rook

    Home Sweet Home - Sci-Fi contest

    Sadly I've been sick for few weeks and unable to build. Best of luck to those entering! :)
  6. Shred! I switched from Collector to Builder several years ago. I took about 250 Star Wars sets and shredded them in about 24 hours. Notably they take up much less space now and I can build many more things. It means less time spent dusting. ;)
  7. Rook

    Canadian Eh?

    PaB Wall. Best thing about LEGO Stores. ;)
  8. Rook

    Greetings from Canada

    Absolutely none! XD ToroLUG is at Ad Astra on April 4-6. And we're also at Star Wars Days at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre on April 12&13.
  9. Rook

    A new AFOL from Saskatchewan

    Welcome back to life. :)
  10. Rook

    fishing rod help?

    Makes perfect sense, just weird. ;) I've always wanted to go fishing just never had anyone to take me. :/
  11. Rook

    fishing rod help?

    Ah LEGO site with fishing questions? Seems a bit weird. :D
  12. Rook

    Canadian Eh?

    From my experience with the Yorkdale Grand Opening they usually know about 2-3 week window in which the store is going to open but they don't set a firm date until just a few weeks/days prior. Mainly because it all comes down to the contractors installing the floors, shelves, etc. Which depending on the company and location can flex a few days. Thus they'll say Spring 2014, knowing that they'll open up somewhere between the April 30 - May 31, all depending on contractors. So most likely you'll know the grand opening date about 4-6 weeks prior at the earliest.
  13. Ah now time to decide just how big I should go. I have Star Wars Days on April 12 & 13@ the LDC so time to get building. :)
  14. Rook


    Hate to say but I think I could actually see myself "playing" I mean truly "playing" with this for couple hours.
  15. Rook

    Newbie Says : Hi :)

    Hey "Newbie" welcome. Get a free Flickr account and start posting some builds! :)
  16. Rook

    [LDD MOC] Whistling Owl

    Wow, nice thing about LDD, no pieces limit. Looks great.
  17. Rook

    [LDD MOCs] Legend of the Dragon Cores

    Good stuff! The price of a mega b uild like this is just scary, cool but scary.
  18. Rook


    Check the price on BrickLinkk probably and then subtract the price of the items. Probably best way to do it. :/ Or price out the sail, sailboard, and torsos. Since everything else is pretty common they're only going to be ten to thirty cents per piece at best.
  19. Rook

    Canadian Eh?

    I believe Dr. Spock & Si-MOCs were at the premier here in Toronto hopefully they'll be able to tell you.
  20. Rook

    Egg Pelling Machine

    That's frickin' awesome.
  21. Rook


    Here's some nice screen shots from the tv show. ToroLUG on Breakfast Television by RΟΟK, on Flickr ToroLUG on Breakfast Television by RΟΟK, on Flickr ToroLUG on Breakfast Television by RΟΟK, on Flickr
  22. Rook

    Verde Siva RT

    Verde Siva RT ToroLUG: Green Travis Brick Challenge In late 2013 Si-MOCs received a large sum of Green Travis Bricks. At a LUG meeting this fall he handed out one to each person in attendance and challenged us to use the piece in some creative way that would highlight the piece. These are pretty rare bricks and they are selling for about $3 on Bricklink. So this was the best I could come up with. Verde Siva RT: Century Mode by RΟΟK, on Flickr Verde Siva RT by RΟΟK, on Flickr Verde Siva RT by RΟΟK, on Flickr
  23. Rook

    Dash Rendar's Outrider?

    Built one of my own about 5-10 years ago. It was crap compared to these. :D
  24. Rook

    My name is Paul...

    Santa PJ? Is there story behind that?