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  1. Yes I see. I never new that Duplo gears are compatible with Technic gears. But it looks like the tread links can not be bound arount the gear. The Duplo gears are much brigther than normal Technic gears.
  2. Hey, yes the original gear got 60 teeth but this is a bit too big!
  3. Yes indeed it is! The reviews of 'The Lego Movie', here in Germany said: "All parts exists in real Lego bricks and every one can rebuild there own favorit scene form the movie!" In my view they lied and TLG said there terrible sorry about that but some models of the movie are too big to make special parts for it!
  4. Really? :O Thank you so much!!! :) It would be very cool if it would be the same like the one on the pics and I could fix some other thing on, But it depense on you what is easier for you. Thank you so much. See you later, Lego Freak
  5. Hi efferman, I updated the pictures. Hope that help you guys. see you later, Lego Freak Hi again, Sorry but the turnable doesn't fit to the cycle. I already bourght one on bricklink and after bilding it in I realise it doesen't fit. The size is perfect but the bright is too big. :( See you later, Lego Freak
  6. Thank you, I know that the biggest gear is a 40 tooth gear. I called TLG after one week of searching this piece and said the same like you. I'm searching for a costume gear. and hope someone helps me.
  7. Hello guys I'm a fan of 'The Lego Movie' and there is a gear used which doesn't exist! It's a 56 or 60 Teeth Technic gear which is used for the big back wheel of Wildstyles Supercycle. I bought the product and was very disappointed of the looking of it, so I rebuild the model and now it's a 1:1 copy of the movie version. But still one brick is missing and it's the Technic gear. Can some one help me or give me a tip for it? Please answer me! See you later, Lego Freak
  8. Lego-Freak_1996

    Hill technique (BAG ENG roof)

    Hello, I'm working on the Bag End of the Hobbit. It's a hugh building with all rooms and lots of details the only thing what is missing is the hill underneath and on top of the hobbit hole. Could some one give me some tips for techniques how to build a smooth hill? After I finished with my building I'll share my building on Flickr and ,of cause, here ;) Hope you can give me a hand! Best regards Lego-Freak
  9. Lego-Freak_1996


    Hi mLego, It's Ok i made the wrong mistake. At my start here I also tought they called Vassel. Please write me an PN then you can get the instruction :) I'm on Vocation and online with my mobile;) Thank you for support my Cuusoo projects. Best regards; Lego-Freak_1996
  10. Lego-Freak_1996

    [MOC] Indiana Jones and the Map Room at Tanis (using micro-scale)

    Very Fantastic! I'm a hugh Indiana Jones fan and one of my favorit Scene is the maproom of Tanis. I have a question: How did you make the headpeace of RE? Very great Moc. Thank you for sharing
  11. Lego-Freak_1996

    MOC - Tumbler Full Set!

    What a perfect collection! Well done. :thumbup: The Camo Tumbler is great and a Snow Tumbler is a good idea. Thanks for sharing thies cool Mocs.
  12. Lego-Freak_1996

    MOC - Snow Tumbler!

    very COOL It's very nice and I like it so much. Thanks for shearing
  13. Lego-Freak_1996

    [MOC] The Dark Knight Vehicle Trilogy + New Tumbler

    That's very cool. Now, Bane's tucks are missing or some camo Tumbler than is your collection complete Well Done
  14. Lego-Freak_1996

    [MOC] The Dark Knight Vehicle Trilogy + New Tumbler

    Best vehicles I ever saw!! You did a great job. Well done