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  1. Purist Superhero Figures

    Purist Lobo by Writer's Blocks, on Flickr I’m really excited about the Lobo figure, but it needed a little work.
  2. [MOC] A Batsuit for Every Occasion

    This is great! I love it.
  3. [MOC] Theatre stage with modular background

    This is beautiful, and looks like it would be a lot of fun to play with! I love sets that look good on the shelf, but are still playable. As a theatre geek and AFOL, this pushes several of my buttons. Bravo!
  4. Thank you for this review! I've been really excited about it, and I love that TLG made it. For what it is, it's pretty great. Your analysis that it's not a playset, not yet a display piece is apt. For the price, I think I'd rather pick up Jokerland and some smaller sets to collect the minifigures that represent the version of the characters I'm more familiar with. When they do a Batman: TAS Batcave, though, they can have all my money!
  5. The Livin's Easy

    The Livin's Easy by Writer's Blocks, on Flickr Inspired by Angus MacLane's Couch Potatoes. My first venture into non-minifig characters.
  6. Winter Village: Snowy Owl Beer

    This is what my Winter Village has been missing. Beautifully executed.
  7. BrickWarriors Battle Packs at Five Below

    I saw these at the Five Below in Grandville, MI this week. I've always been a purist, but these may just turn me to the dark side...
  8. Your LEGO regrets

    Leaving my childhood collection at my parents' house, where they disappeared into a black hole during their last move.
  9. REVIEW: 71002 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 11

    I'm really excited to see that the crow is separable from the hat. Once upon a midnight dreary... Aside from that, I really like the Christmas/Rudolph options.
  10. I'm now inspired to build a Chima Lord Moonracer.
  11. That looks like an elf who understands the importance of a good dentist.
  12. THREE new female-with-glasses heads!
  13. The unique printed tiles and the minifigures clinch it for me. Will definitely buy.
  14. Review Review: Friends 41005 Heartlake High

    Is that a windowless interior door I see?!
  15. Female Minifigure Set Cuusoo reaches 10K!

    I hope so. I'd definitely pick some of them up. I agree about the racial diversity as well.