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  1. bekindsorewind

    Technic Reviews - Videos or Pictures

    Picture reviews. No video reviews.
  2. bekindsorewind

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Is the one elf holding a mini model of Benny's SSS?
  3. bekindsorewind

    SDCC 2014 Unikitty Review

    Is Unikitty's baggie sealed? Debating whether or not to open mine.
  4. bekindsorewind

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    Anybody in the USA begin to see these?
  5. bekindsorewind

    Future The LEGO Movie Sets - Wishlist

    The submarine and Emmet's apartment. But since the apartment is so similar to Town Hall I doubt we'll ever get it.
  6. bekindsorewind

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    The two small sets, Cloud Cuckoo Palace, Super Cycle Chase and LB Lair seem to be the most popular to me, judging by my trips to various stores.
  7. bekindsorewind

    News The LEGO Movie: 70810 MetalBeard's Sea Cow

    Amazing. Still will be a day 1 purchase.
  8. bekindsorewind

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    The bank truck looks too slim and long, making it have a really awkward aesthetic. Even though it's only $20, I'd still get the Captain set over it. All exclusive and interesting minifigures, plus a vehicle with unique design and olive green color.
  9. bekindsorewind

    Spongebob Squarepants 2012 Discussion Thread

    Such a shame, especially since LEGO can do short-sleeve printing on minifgure arms it'd be perfect to reintroduce the themes with updated versions of SpongeBob, Squidward and Mr. Krabs (Though you can make Spongebob better with the new Homer minifigure's arms).
  10. bekindsorewind

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    Johnny Thunder is really cool to represent a LEGO character as a Master-Builder. I agree that Lloyd should've been replaced with GL, since GL did have an appearance in the scene this set will be recreating.
  11. bekindsorewind

    List/Show Your collection of Master Builders

    By the end of the film you could consider a majority of the citizens of Bricksburg to be Master Builders.
  12. bekindsorewind

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    Still getting it day one. The price doesn't matter. Such a glorious ship from a glorious movie. Plus... BENNY!!
  13. bekindsorewind

    LEGO Ultra Agents 2014

    They all look so cool. Can't wait for the weekend where we can get pics of these sets in great detail.
  14. He doesn't. He has a stern face and a really angry face with his CMF version.
  15. I believe I saw him a few times (very quickly in the background). - A scene where a police ship shined a light on him while he was walking on a billboard ledge. - In the dog dome behind Marsha. - Running toward the screen for a brief second holding a whip and pistol in the Cuckoo land destruction scene. - Riding a horse during Emmet's/the boy's speech to LB/ The man from upstairs. I agree GL should've been in the dropship over Green Ninja. He had a notable role with the ship (Superman and the bubble gum). It has 706 pieces or so, so I'd say between 60-70 dollars.