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  1. I've been trying to unload a lot of sets on Ebay lately, and I really don't like to get less than I paid for them, which I think is fair. The problem is If I paid $40 then with all the fees, I need to ask $60+. People like to send me "fair" offers, and they are fair when compared to Amazon with free shipping. But I didn't get my sets wholesale, and I don't have a deal in place with the USPS. And when you through a ton of fees on top of it, it's just not a fair comparison. Also I don't really care for people who get high prices to be called "scalpers". When you sell at auction, the laws of supply and demand take over. Tons of people start the bid at $1 and end up getting a $100. Getting a $100 is not the sellers fault. They didn't ask for $100. So even if that set originally cost them $20, I'm not sure how it's scalping if you're simply putting a an item up for auction.
  2. Gomek

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    Anything with Monsters please.
  3. I would have said the same thing as a kid, and I miss both tremendously. But then again I might be in the minority because I love getting sets from my favorite licences and it does go a long, long way to making up for it. Also, I've said this before when it comes up, but I like the EXACT same types of sets now as I did when I was a kid, so the fact that I'm an AFOL now really has no baring on whether my opinion should or should not be valued by Lego.
  4. Gomek

    The most creative/bizarre alternate builds

    Not weird, but Main Street featured alternative builds that were just as nice as the main build (pun sort of intended). I had Main Street and when my parents picked up another one at a garage sale I was able to have both on my town build. Sort of the Lego equivalent of having ones cake and eating it too.
  5. Gomek

    What are the most underrated themes?

    Funny, I never cared for Aquazone, but really liked the special monster figures in Atlantis.
  6. Lego is producing more sets then ever, which means more sets than ever will be hitting garage sales. I feel like I had a maybe a 60% 40% split between new and garage sales and enjoyed them both the same. I would have been totally happy at 40% 60%. Of course there was no licensed when I was a kid, so nothing I either stuck my nose up at or couldn't get because it was "rare".
  7. Gomek

    Lego themes that we need to be happen

    If they had a (non-boring) history theme with all under $30 sets featuring 3 to 4 unique minifigures each, I would buy everyone. Every Last One. Roman Soldiers, Cavemen, Samurai, Egyptian, Conquistadors. This is a no-brainer.
  8. Gomek

    What happened to Bricks & Pieces?

    It was up yesterday in the US and is now down again.
  9. Gomek

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    1. Its a nice promo in the US as I got two juice bars. I think a lot of those sets will hit ebay and be fairly inexpensive (though not compared to free) 2. I'm glad I got it for free as when I went to load the app on my (not new but not that old) ipad, it said my ipad lacked some feature and it could not work. Had I bought a big set for my kids and found that out I would have been really annoyed. (Though to be honest, not that big a deal for me personally as I sadly don't have time for games)
  10. does anyone know the numbers to any/all of the CFM series? Site is down for me now. I'd really love to find out what there actual issue is.
  11. I think "most" has to be 97% to make this type of thing worth it. I've been building a few models off of other peoples MOC instructions on YouTube. I've found it really necessitates getting creative and figuring out substitutes (mostly color) otherwise it just wouldn't be worth it.
  12. Bricks and Pieces appears back up in the US. I haven't tried to place an order yet.
  13. Gomek

    LEGO half year financial report

    1. I do not believe Lego Movie 2 was a top seller 2. In contrast I do believe the first Lego Movie racked up some huge sales (not only for LM sets but across the board). The big problem is it is unrealistic to think the numbers are going anywhere but down from there. 3.Lego continues to fuel the knock-off competitors by creating unreasonably priced mini-figs and unobtainable mini-figures. This will continue to take a small but noticeable bit from profits. 4. If VIP feedback is to be believed, this will also have a negative affect, though personally I don't think it will hurt them as bad as everyone else is predicting.
  14. Gomek

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    I can verify that the figures that were special for 2018 Halloween are back for 2019. Since I got these last year I was really hoping for a new assortment of Halloween variants, but I guess for those who missed them this is good news. The champs shirt (with glove, from picture above) and a pair of cut-off jeans also are relatively new. I have also never bought 3 complete minifigures and always just buy 15 parts. And to be 100% honest, it's mostly what feels like 15 pieces but neither I or the clerk ever count. I will also speculate that the profit margin for these must also be through the roof even after you consider all the heads that are usually rolling all over the floor.