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  1. A few of mine: Yellow Chassis by Luke Donkersgoed, on Flickr Yellow Chassis by Luke Donkersgoed, on Flickr
  2. 10/10 :thumbup:
  3. I've been dreaming lately of buying one rc motor... What an investment! I'm guessing you bought sets vs. individual parts on BL? Looking forward to seeing this "flying"!
  4. 11(?) studs I think between wheels LINK <--LXF
  5. lukeandahalf

    Jeep Comanche

    An .lxf file to help with the video Here
  6. Purists drive me hears a tip If your referencing the material I think you are - webbing etc. - use the Dremel for most of the material removal. You don't want to cut right to the edge, cut close then remove the rest of the material with the file. Some fine (300+ grit) sand paper to finish it off, and voila!
  7. The Zetros has always been my favourite Mercedes heavy truck, you nailed it! Can't wait to see the final product. I'm very curious about the colour.. white maybe?
  8. NIco71's Mini Trial Truck 6x6 front axle. Screenshot 2014-06-24 11.29.20 by Luke Donkersgoed, on Flickr
  9. I had a good laugh watching your second or third video, when you pulled out the needle nose pliers. Might get some purist noses out of joint I myself have a small pair as well...
  10. I have a decent (~4000 piece) collection with no official models built, all parts for MOCSs. I would absolutely consider buying a model like this as I hate having parts that I may only have a few of tied up in something long term. I can never resist pulling whatever model I have displayed apart for the next project. For a fair price, it would be great to have a truck to drive around when frustrated with mocs on the go. Another upside is, at least the way I interpret it, no multiple BL orders - one stop moc shopping! I think we're onto something!
  11. Awesome MOC! Will keep an eye on it. First "walking" MOC to catch my eye since the "Fleet Footed Insect" I think it was. And in regards to Purists, bah! It's your Lego..
  12. Thisis amazing!.. Ten tons!
  13. Sariel, fantastic! Nice to see allot of 9V. And the monorail... I've had hamsters, mice and rats, and unfortunately none of them liked my Lego. The bit at the end where the hamster was sleeping made my morning!