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  1. I am also not heavily into building 3rd party MOCs but every now and so often it is worth a try purely because it is so interesting seeing the techniques of other builders - which are all a little bit unique. I find that seeing this variety has helped develop my own technique. Having experienced this, I find building Lego's own models which seem to follow a similar construction style a bit boring these day, so I get my 10 yr old son gets to build them - even the Chiron!!!! I just get him to show me any new interesting bits along the build - Win - Win situation for me. However, I stray way off Topic! LvdH is right, the "knock off" brand seems incapable of doing a decent job on the more complex MOCs so good luck to all the "knock off" fans who spend their hard earned cash on their cheap imitation rubbish.
  2. Taking into account a few of the later comments - I had heard that Lepin did have a deal with one particular MOC builder, whether its true or not I am not sure. When I build a MOC and it comes out well, then the furthest I would have gone in the past would be to present it, and perhaps create a digital file for myself to preserve the ideas and an image of the MOC into the future. Creating instructions is a task that I would never consider doing for my own sake and I am sure this is the case for a few other MOC builders. If the recent and brilliant Mclaren P1 had been presented without instructions I can garuntee that Brunojj would have been in-undated by requests to create them. Thus comes a strong justification to charge for the time it takes to create the instructions, not forgetting the time it will take in future providing technical support when required. Of course there are a few builders who are creating models purely to sell instructions, this is fine in my opinion but is different motivation for building.than I have.
  3. My view is that I am quite flattered that my model was made into an official knockoff brand set, even though I am not particularly happy with the fact that the model ideas was used without any recognition or reward to me the designer - in effect stolen. While I am a fan of Lego and would never dream of mixing it with an alternative brand, I accept that the alternative brands now exist and even seem to be growing. As with many young companies, the methods employed by some of these alternative brands are not what many would call legal or morally correct, and in this particular market this is much more obvious. (a small start up tech company using cracked versions of software is much less obvious but similar principals) In my view, from the perspective of MOC designers having their ideas stolen, Lepin could solve all of this by offering a small royalty and designer recognition. Even though I might not approve of Lepin's current practices, if they are going to use my idea and I can't stop them, then the above would at least solve the issue between Me and Them. Accepted they still have an issue with Lego parent company!!!!
  4. A pretty and stunning replica. The bodywork is amazing.
  5. Looking at it a different way. The only axle colours that I don't like are the reddish brown 3 and 5 with stop All others have their purpose.
  6. Great little crane with loads of functions. I like it a lot.
  7. Pvdb

    Grum's Shed

    You bashed that together quickly. About time to start the bulldozer 😀
  8. Nice Modifications @T Lego. A few more updates on the back end of my new car. Still very much WIP, but it is happening. I might get time for the Chiron one day!!
  9. Pvdb

    Grum's Shed

    I thought you hated the new track links 😀 or are you now fully expert at putting them together after all the practice with the BWE?
  10. I think the reference above is regarding the wrong order of the gears in the porsche.
  11. I tried this part and it is too long anyway, and the smaller version is too short unfortunately.
  12. Regarding the gearbox. If it is in neutral or reverse gear then we select forwards, which forward gear will the gearbox be in? I assume it will be the gear that it was left in and not necessarily first gear.
  13. You are on a mission Didumos69. I am impressed. The drive train in totality looks pretty immense!! I see that you have also worked out all of the ratio's, The step ratio between each gear is pretty even wheras I would have expected a larger step between 1st and 2nd, and smaller difference in ratios as we go through the gears, but this is hard to do in a Lego 8 speed gearbox.
  14. It is also a big challenge to design, and to fit it in to a Technic model, and tt is also fun to build and adds something interesting into the car, which otherwise might not have many working functions compared to models of some construction machinery.
  15. Thanks LvdH, I am glad you like it, As for the HOG, It is as discreet as I could get away with. When they want to play with it. my kids put in a longer axle and raise the little gear wheel by one stud so it is easier to turn, but of course it looks ugly if left that way .