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  1. Maybe you are hoping for too much with this.
  2. Grum's Shed

    Getting close now to be able to turn it on and see if the functions all work
  3. Nice MOC, The way that you started this topic off has also made for an amusing read after what was a long day at work for me today. I look forward to seeing your video of all the functions.
  4. No problem. This was the first time I have made instructions myself - it has taken weeks!! If you do make the model and find any parts in the instructions that are illegible, then please let me know. My 9 yr old checked them by building the red version so I guess they are ok!! When constructing the gear box, those white bands need to be tight enough - it all works fine in my white version of the car, but the "newer" bands used in the red car don't seem to be so tight, and could do with an extra twist or two.
  5. I have put together a short video (filmed with my phone) https://youtu.be/MKvvzvIShgQ And a couple of pictures of the red version that my kid just finished building - a couple of minor part substitutions required - I almost like this better than the white version.
  6. My son is building a red version so we will stop the build at an appropriate point and make a video of the gearbox in action.
  7. This is huge and really nicely done. I like the way that you have gone the extra mile to fill the space with as many functions as possible such as the microwave. Great Work and a good looking truck. The chrome sets it all off.
  8. And a couple of quick mock ups of Red and Black colour variations.
  9. Grum's Shed

    A bit of a balancing act going on there!!! It is all coming together now.
  10. A first attempt at using Pov-Ray to create some renders - ok - I changed the headlights colour
  11. The blue one looks great I think.
  12. Technic Pub

    I agree with Jim, grey is the way to go. When I get fed up with working on the house, then its time for a bit of Lego, and as for the kids, they are probably a reason why I do more Lego than less, although the younger one is mostly into Ninjago whichi is slightly out of my zone