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  1. I have just logged in for the first time in a while and am pleased that I did because this car looks fantastic. Great job on the bodywork.
  2. Nice work on this. The bodywork looks great and the roof is nicely done.
  3. [MOC] Aston Martin DB11

    In general the shape is good. I am really liking this so far. However from the angle of the latest picture I am not sure about the central panels which leave some strange shaped gaps. Appreciate that a smooth curved bonnet is so hard to create with technic though.
  4. [MOC] Ferrari 308 GTSi

    It's all been said above but just to add that I also think that you have done a really nice job on this MOC. I was looking forward to the Aston though. You were really getting there with the bodywork.
  5. I really like that gear shifter mechanism. The chassis is looking nice as well. As said before, very clean looking.
  6. [MOC] 1:17 Ferrari LMP1 Car

    This is really nice. Inside and out.
  7. Nearly done. You are definitely getting quicker and quicker. You'll have that above list done in no time at this rate
  8. [MOC] Aston Martin DB11

    Manual of course. But I would say that. The bodywork is looking better and better. Handy that wheel arch from 42056.
  9. Yes. This one is my favourite so far. Great bodywork. You have replicated the looks so well
  10. [MOC] Harley-Davidson 1200cc Sportster

    That is a great looking bike. fantastic details and shape.
  11. Thanks to Thorsten50 the instructions to this model are now on rebrickable http://www.rebrickable.com/mocs/Thorsten50/mclaren-f1
  12. Great model both on the outside and on the inside. I like the way you have incorporated the steering functions. Nice work.
  13. I like it a lot. Nice functions. And I tthink it looks better than the A model of this set
  14. Well I have been away for a few days and missed all of the excitement of this set being released. I was really pleased that Lego were eventually going down this line and even happier when I saw some of the first pictures of the Porsche, even though it is not my favourite car by a long way. I know how hard it is to do such a great job on the bodywork, even if you are able to make up some new parts to help out!! With regard to the looks, I think Lego have really pushed the boat out and modernised this set in a good way. However, following some of the great reviews, I am thus pretty shocked with the effort that has seemingly gone into the inside of the car. I have often been fascinated by some of the solutions that the Lego designers have dreamed up – especially in some of their smaller vehicles, there is not much of this in the Porsche though and the fact that they have messed up the gear shifting pattern and forgotten to add the limiter to disallow direct 1st - 4th gear change, and also not put in a solution to make only 1 reverse gear, in my opinion is pretty dire and unprofessional. Even an amateur designer should be embarrassed to release a solution like that and I am sure that even some kids who are lucky enough to get this set will notice the incorrect sequence. I know that I probably would have at about the age of 10 (although I wouldn’t have been lucky enough to get hold of it at the price it is!) A quick point on the gearbox. When I designed the similar gearbox for my Koenigsegg, my experimentation led me to realise that it was important not to include any gears in the gear change mechanism – only use the knob wheels to absolutely minimise backlash through the mechanism. I see that there are some 8 tooth gears in the Porsche mechanism which means (as shown in some of the videos) that some backlash has been introdused and therefore there is not the full 90 degree rotation in the gear selectors (the 2L Orange Beams) that is required to get a more reliable shift ensuring engagement and more importantly disengagement of the clutches. (did they really spend 3 years on this – it took about an hour for me to realise this) The fact that no effort has been put into designing a semi realistic suspension set up is also a big let down. As for the rear steering and perhaps changing the dynamics of this in relation to the gear selection. Now that would have been ultimate and would have included something technically very clever and special to this model. However, I am not so surprised that this has not been included as it would have been very complex to engineer. So, in my opinion, a great looking model (which is important for this line) hugely let down by worse than amateur solutions under the bodywork. However, I really hope that all of this criticism doesn’t put Lego off but that they try to better themselves on their next attempt.
  15. Thanks Rikus, nice to hear you enjoyed building it. As for your comments, yes it is surprisingly important to get the red gear selector alignment correct on the axle joiner. The front suspension is compressed I agree, this is a compromise I took in order to keep this suspension set up in order to approximate the front suspension set up in the real car. As for the rear engine cover, it is quite heavy so to lift with just one gear knob resulted in the back being raised unevenly (due to gear backlash). The two gear knob solution seemed to work much better (even though as you rightly say adds a slight complexity to operation) so that's what I went for. I would also have liked the doors to open a bit faster, but strangely my kids seemed to like them as they are. I guess it keeps them engaged longer.