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  1. Pvdb

    [WIP] Koenigsegg Jesko

    Good choice. I have been tempted to try to build the Jesko but at smaller scale. It is difficult to replicate that gearbox with the Lego gears available, and to make it operate at lightspeed using pneumatics. Interested to see your solution.
  2. I love it. It looks good from every angle in your pictures which in my opinion is hard to achieve. Interesting as well as built in a different scale to most other Supercar mocs that I have seen over the years. You may start a new trend.
  3. Great work. The shape of this car is hard to replicate. I like the insides as well.
  4. Pvdb

    [MOC] McLaren 720S

    Great replica. I like the chassis as well.
  5. I really like this MOC. Brilliant details, shape and mechanisms. It's is also the first time I have seen this type of tricycle made with technic. Well done and thanks for sharing.
  6. Pvdb

    Nissan GT-R

    It is instantly recognisable and I am Impressed with your shaping. However, I also think that this time the wheel arches built in this way don't work well and for me they mess up what is otherwise a really brilliant MOC.
  7. Pvdb

    Half beam problems.

    If putting an axle through a part that is designed to have an axle put through it is "too much stress" then my bad. I accept that age can play a part, but some of these new parts break far too easily in my view. I guess if you still have some parts from the 90's like I probably do, they are bound to start getting a bit brittle by now. Perhaps that is the problem. We have been playing with our Lego for too long😀
  8. Pvdb

    Half beam problems.

    Correct. These ones NEVER seem to break for me
  9. Pvdb

    Half beam problems.

    Yes. I have plenty of these broken parts. It is pretty annoying. Also annoying are splitting axle hole connectors parts.
  10. Pvdb

    Grum's Shed

    Done already! And with some good MODs. I agree that the wheel covers really enhance this model.
  11. I have finally had some decent time to get my Lego out so have been playing with the new gearbox parts from the Chiron with the aim of installing a new gearbox into my last supercar I have ended up with a 6+N+R sequential gear box. A nicely working return to centre gear stick, adjustable seats upgrade and completely redesigning the chassis. I am thinking about some changes to the body work as well to differentiate the MOC but not quite at that stage yet. The shifting mechanism evolves from the recent one discussed in topic The gearbox looks to reduce friction as only half of it is driven at any time. I probably need to build a stand alone version to show how it works properly - when I get time. The step ratios between the gears are also fairly realistic as each gear doesn't share its ratio with any other gear further down the sequence. Gear Step Ratio 1 2 1.667 3 1.333 4 1.250 5 1.200 6 1.200 Shakey (hand held) video that shows the sequence https://bricksafe.com/files/PvdB/mocs/ultimatum-gtr-s/VID_20190407_115614168.mp4
  12. Pvdb

    Grum's Shed

    Wow you are putting that together fast.
  13. I am interested to see this car. What era does this car originate from??
  14. After a lot of testing I believe that the design of the rachets that you proposed does work better than the solution I put forward with regard to the fact that your version requires far less tension on the rubber bands, and is thus far more reliable under load. I sorted out the blocking issue by swapping out one of the pins. It must have been very very slightly bent as with the new pin every thing works fine. This is a great modification of the larger knob wheel sequencer.
  15. I think you have answered the question here. I think that even running the band between the support and the ratchet lever can give that important level of precision needed for your version. I was a bit lazy with the band placement when I built it!! With my mod, it doesn't seem to require so much precision, and surprisingly while it does require tension, its not as much as I expected. You can just throw it together in a fairly loose experimental assembly without any tweaking and it works.