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  1. ChrisW

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    First images are out in the usual place!
  2. I build my Lego sets for a bit of ‘me time’, time to unwind after a days work. I shouldn’t have to do more work to apply stickers to sets - I find it absolutely anxiety inducing and I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Yes, there is the Windex method, but it only really works on the solid backed stickers. They leave glue marks when adjusting on black parts, and forget about it with clear backed stickers - moving them will leave visible patches of glue. So what’s the solution? I’d happily pay more for sets with all printed parts instead of stickers. Alternatively, is there an option to have reusable vinyl stickers, like you used to get in those play-scene activity books? That would keep everyone happy - MOCs builders could remove stickers from parts they wanted to use for another purpose, and sticker phobia types like me could easily reposition a sticker after placing.
  3. ChrisW

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    Now that box images have surfaced, do we know when Round 3 will start shipping?
  4. ChrisW

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hope TLG doesn’t read these forums for opinions on what to sell - I’d definitely buy that Marvel buildings are few and far between.
  5. ChrisW

    LEGO Creator 2023

    The new catalogue has pics of the new Creator sets due out in March, including the Cosy House and Parrot:
  6. ChrisW

    Lego City 2023 Leaks, Rumours, Speculation And Discussion

    Hoping that plane doesn’t have the weird bulbous cockpit that the recent planes didn’t.
  7. ChrisW

    Disney Properties 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Probably not referencing the CMF series directly, but rather just a generic image for the 100 year celebration sets that are coming.
  8. Wow, the Downtown Flower & Designer Stores set looks really nice. Would fit well into a city layout.
  9. ChrisW

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    City 2023 pics have leaked with the re-coloured otter from HP. Looks cute!
  10. ChrisW

    Lego City 2023 Leaks, Rumours, Speculation And Discussion

    City 2023 sets have leaked. Love the otter re-colour. Interesting sets but some of them seem a bit goofy, or extra blocky, not sure I can put my finger on it. The garage is severely lacking an actual building! Glad to have a garbage truck again, and I think the most interesting bits are actually in police - the dog training and training centre look intriguing.
  11. ChrisW

    Jurassic World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    FINALLY some more original trilogy sets.
  12. ChrisW

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Empire Magazine is teasing a world exclusive reveal tomorrow for something adventure related. Potentially some first looks at the new Indy film - usually this happens around the time of a trailer release - also hopefully a first look at the sets from the revived theme.
  13. ChrisW

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Agreed, not sure why there was so much hype for another Hulkbuster when it seems like we’d recently had one.
  14. ChrisW

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    You’re lucky you even get an email. Mine has Backordered status and it says ‘Will be dispatched by 10/9’, however this date updates daily to whatever the current date is.
  15. Have Lego mentioned why the wizard in 10305 doesn’t have torso printing? It’s an odd choice in a set otherwise chock full of detail.