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  1. rongYIREN

    [MOC] Galaxy Squad Green Team Bug Zapper

    The Aircraft's engines as wheels!? Brilliant!!! I love that design. that's smart thinking.
  2. rongYIREN

    Alien Fighter

    Transforming into a mech? Now that is a nice idea. I think I'll work on a new version this weekend... thanks a lot!
  3. rongYIREN

    Alien Fighter

    Thanks a lot everyone. I appreciate the feedabck! Ha, perhaps I can make an AFOL version with no flick-fire missiles... I like your idea about placing the underside 1x3 slope(landing struts) in the center... it is now updated.
  4. rongYIREN

    Police "Rabbit"

    A really great looking build - those feet are quite interesting.
  5. rongYIREN

    [Sci-Friends] Olivia's space pod

    Love the bubble cockpit on this one and I really enjoy how you have "clam-shelled" the mudguards on the back.
  6. rongYIREN

    Alien Fighter

    Hey All! My latest build is a small alien fighter. When I saw the cocoon from the Galaxy Squad sets I wanted to use it as an engine thruster. So I built the engine first and designed the rest of the ship around that engine. Hope you enjoy... Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks, rongYIREN
  7. rongYIREN

    [MOC] LEGO 'Future' City: Copter

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by and taking a look. I appreciate the feedback!
  8. rongYIREN

    [MOC] LEGO 'Future' City: Copter

    Hey all! This is a bit of a redesign from an earlier copter from last year... I always thought that it would be cool to have a LEGO City theme of the future. Nothing too far into the future... maybe just a "Near-Future" theme. This Copter here comes equipped with NOTAR Thanks for taking a look! And, as always, critques and suggestions are welcome. rongYIREN
  9. rongYIREN

    Mixels 2014 Discussion

    Ha, they are rather odd but in a good way. That red one is very cute and cool. Have to pick him up. I'm also really excited about those new ball joint pieces, but March is so far away...
  10. rongYIREN

    HexaPOD Bio-Mech Submarine

    Thanks! Yeah, it is pretty much an update of the cuttlefish I made last year Hey thanks. nope, it's not based off any official set, just something i wanted to make on my own. Hey guys, thanks a lot, I appreciate it!
  11. rongYIREN

    HexaPOD Bio-Mech Submarine

    Hey all! This is the latest MOC I've completed. It's a bio-mech sub with pilot. Thanks for taking a look! rongYIREN
  12. rongYIREN

    Azuki Shipyards: Myrmidon

    This is an asymmetric beauty, love the armament.
  13. rongYIREN

    [MoC] Scorpaena (spacepolice ship)

    Such an appropriate name - just like a scorpion fish with all of those spines. Love the work you did around the engine area.
  14. rongYIREN

    [Sci-Friend] Olivia's new ship for the summer

    Ha ha, great looking ship! Those 'water cannons' look almost deadly. They might be useful if a riot ever breaks out during one of the beach parties. Really love the unusual shape.
  15. rongYIREN

    Neo Blacktron - Blizzard Gunner

    Great looking walker. I really like the use of those shovel heads for feet.