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    I've been collecting the LEGO brick for my little man, he's not yet old enough to play with them so I have 2 years to get good at it :)


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  1. Besides the main 5, the remaining 11 could be... Maude Flanders Skinner Mr Burns Milhouse Krusty Itchy & Scratchy together Moe Apu Kent Brockman Sherri/Terri Abe Simpson Otto
  2. adventuresinlego

    Lest We Forget: a 9/11 Tribute

    The idea for this came to me a number of months ago and after looking at a number of "Tribute Memes" of varying quality, I realized that the more sparse the pictures, the more powerful they were, just like that image of the Falling Man which is forever etched in my mind. And thank you for your compliments :) I'm very sorry for your loss, I made sure the title of this post included the fact it was a 9/11 tribute so that people who didn't want to be reminded of it had the choice not to click and nobody was being fooled by what they were looking at. I am not American. I also did not know anybody who died in those awful events. But that doesn't mean I don't have an emotional attachment to the day. I was barely 16 when it happened, living in Australia meant it was evening and on a weeknight, where I was home watching TV and suddenly it changed over and I saw from moments before the 2nd plane went in, in fact, it was that happening that made me realize what was happening, what I was seeing, and I sat there for hours, until about 12pm the next day, and cried off and on, not because it was my country, but because I stand next to my American Brethren and your pain was my pain on that horrible day/night-for-me. I can't imagine what those directly involved went through, I can only stand in solidarity with them in the hope they don't tell me I have no right to because I'm not American, and because I was just a kid at the time. My innocence was taken that day just like it was every single other person whose eyes were opened up to the horrors of this world and I can only hope you relax your anger towards me because I was only giving a piece of my heart to my American brethren through this piece to say Your Pain is my Pain, Your Heroes were my Heroes. I hope you can accept that with the love it's intended to have. Thank you, that means a great deal, and I am also truly sorry for your loss. As I stated in comments above your Heroes on that day were My Heroes too, and they bravely and unapologetically held every single ones of those buildings' inhabitants on their shoulders and did everything they could to save them and that is why I made this piece in the way it was made, it was truly and honestly made from the heart, with a lump in my throat.
  3. adventuresinlego

    Lest We Forget: a 9/11 Tribute

    As part of our 365 Days of Lego challenge we couldn't let the day pass without paying tribute to the heroes the world lost in 9/11's tragic events. I hope people don't find the piece too perverse, it's titled "Lest We Forget" This and another picture can be found here: Lest we forget.
  4. adventuresinlego

    Lego Series 12! What do you want to see..?

    Nun is one I've been wanting for a long while, I'm not religious, I just think that one would come up great in Lego. Though of course they wouldn't make it, oh well. It never hurts to dream. My wish/guess list is... Lion Suit Gal Ballerina Nun Newspaper Boy (1920s) Chimney Sweep Barber 1950s Flight Attendant Jockey Headbanger/MetalHead Ogre Aussie Rules Footballer (perhaps black jumper with red stripe) umm, it's 2:30am, I can't think right now, but there's some!
  5. adventuresinlego

    MOC: Ogre's Cave

    Love it and I can imagine it as part of a story/scene with one of our MOCs:
  6. adventuresinlego

    Building the "impossible"

    Your MOCs are awesome and inspiring! The quest here is though to deviate away from your typical buildings, vehicles, dioramas and really stretch the imagination. See below for an example of one of our highly detailed builds! We have been building little optical illusions into our models! The Singin' in the Rain one has one, as well as this Wayne Manor MOC- Can you pick the optical illusion? But as for a straight up one? That sounds like it would be fun, but not at all impossible, especially with all the amazing examples! C'mon people! Surely over the years you've thought "Would love to make a [insertwordhere] out of Lego... Nah, that would be impossible! Not even gonna try" - Well, people, I WANT to try! In other words, I'm a glutton for punishment. *Cries out weakly for help*
  7. adventuresinlego

    Building the "impossible"

    I had a look at the Atomium and lo and behold, some brave, clever soul has already made it! HERE I'm sure Lego have asked a number of times, but that doesn't help challenge us on our quest hahah but the Atomium is an awesome idea, I'm slightly disappointed someone's already tried it and succeeded at it haha
  8. adventuresinlego

    Building the "impossible"

    So, peoples of the world, as part of this 365 Days of Lego project I'm doing -HERE The main aim is to build to educate the 3yo child I'm raising. (my Nephew) - but my own personal challenge is I'm aiming to try to build "the impossible" - I often ask people on my twitter for ideas and get many standard ones, and many ones that would not only be feasible but most easy to accomplish. But every now and then I'm given a suggestion- or come up with that that makes me think "Nah, that would be impossible!" So then I set out to achieve it. "Easy Ideas" can be eye-popping and amazing builds, but for the builders, it's all about solving that puzzle! Whether it's something small like a Rocking Chair, something anthropomorphic like a Cyclops, I'm attracted to ideas that seem unable to be accomplished as I want to show my child that anything IS possible. The Audrey Two plant was one idea I thought would be impossible, same with our Lion King Musical MOC (see below). I see a lot of MOCs that, through design and execution, make me go "WOAH!" But seldom do I see an IDEA that gives me that reaction. That's not to take away from what people make, because there is some truly amazing artists out there and I fail majorly by comparison, but despite being bad at it, I still give it a crack. That's not to suggest that people aren't building "Impossible Ideas" but that's what brings me here: 2 Questions- What have been your favourite "Impossible Ideas" - whether you made them or not - link to them if you're able to as I'd love to see them! - Ideas that on paper seem like they could never be made out of Lego but when executed they've taken your breath away? Also- what "Impossible Ideas" would you suggest we try to build for our 365 Challenge? We've built a wide variety of things so far and have many ideas already, but need more to fill out the year so anything you'd love to challenge us to build, would love to hear it! An "Impossible Idea" - Lion King Broadway Musical:
  9. Thank you, we're all here coz we have something in common, no use tearing each other apart, aye! On that note, any clue when a series 12 thread will be opened I want to put my guess list on!
  10. Maybe sometimes people need to learn a lesson on how to treat others. Happens far too often on this site. High and mighty attitudes from others. We come here to meet and chat with others with our shared tastes, not to be put in our place, how about focus your words towards those bullies and not me who is merely standing up to them.
  11. There are tactful and dignified ways to tell someone they're annoying and humiliating them publicly like this is rude. You could have privately messaged him and asked him to slow down. Perhaps I should use the report button on you for bullying? Sure, they're enthusiastic but that doesn't mean you need to talk about him like he doesn't exist. "A certain person" Not nice, dude. Have some respect for others, he clearly does by wanting to chat to others, you just want to shut him down. The polite thing to do would have been to ask him nicely not treat him like something the dog did inside. How old are you? 10? Poor guy's just trying to relate to others, you were out of line.
  12. adventuresinlego

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 10 Discussion

    Hahah yeaahhh, funny you say that because I actually come to give my critique on series 10, which was more so a snide remark about how the series 10 figures seem/feel like cheaper plastic than usual. they feel quite flimsy and not of the same plastic as the previous series, but while they have seemed to give us cheaper plastic, they've amped up this series to sell more- so for the first time I bought a box and saved $1.50 on each fig. No Mr Gold, but at least I made my money back on ebay. I probably wouldn't have done that if the first 5 figs I bought were better quality plastic. Anyways, there's a useless conspiracy theory for you. As for the Figs themselves- much better than I anticipated, the initial list and subsequent early image that went around left a lot to be desired but upon closer inspection they're not bad, I dn't know if there's much we'll do with the skydiver, I guess their intention is for us to think of ways to cleverly have them mid air in MOCs? Many ways to do that so I look forward to them! Otherwise I can't see much use for that character, the rest I pretty much can- I really dig the sad clown, and I hope we get a coloured version of that hat! the paintballer's costume could also be used for a painter and vice versa but I wonder why they put them both together? Overall I wished these bloomin' series' would come with more females!
  13. Well said! And as I said earlier, merely storytelling. Though I worry slightly about the ghosts looking awfully like infamous racists haha (joke people, lighten up!) As for the pics- I don't look forward to the puke-worthy overly-sentimental MOCs of Lady Robot and Clockwork Robot being all romantic and shiz. Yeti does look great, Welder also, still anticipating this golli- err, I mean Gingerbread Man. I wasn't too fond of the early images nor ideas behind series 10, #11 always sounded better- but ultimately I quite like #10 after having used many pieces/figs in MOCs already, esp the seagulls, of which I want, like, 100. *MINE*
  14. Thank you, TBH since this is an adult message board I didn't think I needed to explain why some people might consider certain CMF's to be stereotypical, or perhaps even offensive. - And no, Crocodile Dundee (and Steve Irwin) aren't very well liked by Aussies as the archetypical Antipodean. Kath and Kim are more who we see Aussies as. Paul Hogan is a tax evading american now, to represent my Country via his image would be the ultimate insult. That, or making one of Pauline Hanson. So I'm glad ya'll verified what I was saying, whether you found them offensive or not is all relative to the individual- but there's no point denying that they exist coz that'd be silly. As for Ginge, yeah, I'm worried about it, but since my initial comments got people's knickers in a twist, hilarrrrious. AND FTR, every country has it's own national dress. Lego could easily do them instead of stereotypical characters. So it's not as if the options aren't there, no need to justify their subtle racism with more ;)
  15. I'm not saying they're offensive stereotypes, just that they're there and they exist. with no sort of agenda behind them. But as for translating ol' Ginge into a MF, well that one scares me lol Have a laugh people, for crying out loud, ya'll take eeeverything so seriously! Of stereotypes are there, but to claim whether they're deliberately racially offensive or not is a useless statement since lego is all about storytelling - Just like everytime I hear those boneheads at the Brick Show claim that "lego doesn't promote war" what rot. A totally useless statement since war merely FEATURES in lego sets, in different forms of battle, just like these racially diverse stereotypes exist and are featured but whether or not it's a promotion/vilification of said stereotype is a completely useless statement. It's all for Storytelling, people and in order to do that you need different costumes of a worldwide nature. But I digress, as I say, Ginge... Golliwog... Be afraid, BE VERY AFRAID! (and have a bloody laugh about it for crying out loud) And I assure you if Lego put out a Crocodile Dundee inspired CMF and claimed it as an Aussie, we'd all take that as a personal insult and drown some adorabubble kittens or something