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  1. Tacitus

    Kaldrfell Castle

    Nice work. I don't have the patience to do those cylindrical tower builds. I was pleasantly surprised that there was an interior.
  2. Tacitus

    [MOC] Arkham Asylum Expansion [Modular-style Add-on]

    Nice job! The official set was in desperate need of an upgrade.
  3. Great review. Of course, now I can only think of how many bricks it would take to complete that back wall...
  4. Tacitus

    Classic Space Restoration Project

    Oh, fantastic! This takes me back. I loved that ship, until I spilled Pepsi on it, and didn't clean it properly.
  5. Tacitus

    Modular Madness: Museum of History

    I think this is pretty fantastic. I've been thinking about doing a museum, but wasn't sure how to pull it off without it being to cramped, or to large. You've given me something to think about.
  6. Tacitus

    MOC: The road that crosses the valley

    I have to say, I do kind of like it without all the landscaping details that the others have been suggesting. Your scene reminds me a lot of the old classic castle product catalogs, which would have very basic, minimally landscaped scenes. So, if you're going for a classic castle inspired MOC, I think you've got it.
  7. Tacitus

    20,000 Members!

    Oh, yikes! I think I found out about Eurobricks via the forum on Bricklink, not too long after I began to come out of my dim (not totally dark) ages. Up until that point, I was totally unaware of what AFOLS, etc., were doing, and was in awe of the many intricate MOCs that I found posted on this site. I was totally inspired, and usually bewildered- Man, how did they build THAT! Sir Nadroj was one of those members who blew my mind back when I first joined. And Hinckley (I hope I spelled that correctly) was still doing his fun Fabuland-incorporating set reviews. Now, as inspiring as it all was, I have to admit that I never really had any time to really do much more than put together the released sets, with an occasional modification. And, my post were few and far between, and usually punctuated by a message from an admin. telling me to resize my avatar photo. Nevertheless, I keep coming back to Eurobricks to check out the reviews, the previews, and the latest MOCs. You guys are all pretty awesome.
  8. Tacitus

    MOC : brown and grey modular buildings

    Great buildings! Thanks for reminding me just how slack I've been completing MOCs of my own.
  9. Tacitus

    Batman coming back

  10. Tacitus

    POTC - Black Pearl!

    It reminds me quite a bit of the Skeleton ship from a few years back. I was hoping that the Pearl would be larger, with at least two decks.
  11. Tacitus

    REVIEW: Creator 5766 Log Cabin

    Ha! I just saw this at TRU, today. It's a good price for a lot of good colors. I was concerned that you'd only be able to get those rusty-colored roof pieces with the Burrow set.
  12. Tacitus

    2011 Atlantis sets

    And just when I was about to give up on Atlantis...
  13. Tacitus

    Pharaoh's Quest 2011

    Love them! I'm so glad they bought a version of the Adventurers back. The big snake set is my least favorite.
  14. I think I like your version much better than the original. Well done!
  15. Tacitus

    Forestmen's Ruins

    Hey, Brickster. It looks good, but the background is a little distracting. Can we see it on it's own?