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    2011 NINJAGO sets

    That's not what Durarara!! is about at all. Also, I managed to grab the pic before it disappeared:
  2. Didn't see a recent thread for this. :P :3
  3. Sir Dano

    May the Fourth Be With You 2010 So I was a bit wrong, but there is a bronze Boab Fett. ;)
  4. Sir Dano

    May the Fourth Be With You 2010

    Well, if someone were to ask if it was the white Boba Fett, I'd say they were very close. ;)
  5. Sir Dano

    May the Fourth Be With You 2010

    It's not stickers. It's a minifig.
  6. I'm not the best with words, so I'll let the images speak for themselves. $17.99 USD/$24.99 CAD Group shot. Comparison images: (new figs are on the left) Forestwoman (torso is a darker colour, though mine could just be faded from age) Doctor (as you can see, the new pigtail piece sits higher on the head than the older one) Flight Attendant (Original head is in poor condition, I know, but it still shows the differences) EDIT: Actress (pupils are slightly larger, hair printing is reddish brown) Ninja Princess (I don't have any pieces from the original Ninja Princess, so it's just her with and without the cowl) No printing on neck, indent on arms. I'm a bit disappointed in a couple of pieces, but overall I'm quite satisfied, and would highly recommend purchasing it. 9/10
  7. Sir Dano

    FBTB closing down

    You know what's funnier than an April Fool's joke? The butthurt people who b*tch about said jokes.
  8. I just went by what head Bricklink said it had, as I don't have the original fig, just the same head that was used. Huh, I never noticed that until you pointed it out. The original isn't as bad: $17.99 USD/$24.99 CAD
  9. Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that. Pic added, thanks for reminding me. :)
  10. Sir Dano

    Arealight Twi'lek

    I bought a couple of heads, myself, they're just lovely.
  11. Sir Dano

    Castle Sets 2010

    I'm pretty sure the helmets are the same colour as the super battle droids, "pearl dark grey", as Bricklink calls it.
  12. Dunno if it's been posted, but I found a review of the Cowboy and Forestman on Brickshelf:
  13. Nothing like grown men arguing over a children's toy, eh? If we can get back to the topic... The printing on the zombie looks very good, as does the head on the diver. I'm really looking forward to the Cheerleader and the Forestman. :3
  14. Sir Dano

    Brickworld SigFig Picture 2010

    You can count me in. Same fig as last year.
  15. Is this some sort of take-over, or an extended April Fools joke I missed?
  16. Sir Dano

    Troll Cavalry Ideas?

    I find Taun Tauns work well for Troll Cavalry.
  17. Sir Dano

    What's with the staff's usernames?

    This is like watching Dances With Smurfs... Smurf me.
  18. Sir Dano

    Console Wars

    I'm loyal to Sony for home consoles, mainly because of Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy, and Nintendo keeps my handheld patronage with Pokemon and Mario. When it comes to Bioware RPGs I prefer the PC though, due to the modding communities that always pop up for their games. IIRC, the only reason you need a disc is due to a loophole in the 'exclusive' contract Netflix signed with Micro$oft to only have streaming on the Xbox360.
  19. Sir Dano

    Castle Sets 2010

    Really? It's been standard practice for a while now.
  20. Sir Dano

    Castle Sets 2010

    The thing I love most about the new sets is that they're like Dragon Masters Vs Royal Knights Round 2. :wub: My only complaints are the lack of kite shields and large dragons for the dragon knights.
  21. I found it on Brickshelf, actually. :P
  22. Sir Dano

    Toy Story discussion thread

    Hey, Disney just had the Toy Story 3 set pics removed from my Flickr photostream, so don't look for them there.