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  1. We have always enjoyed reading your reviews on this series... This one is no exception. Thanks for putting this review together!
  2. Wrinkledog

    MOC RMS Titanic

    This is really impressive man! Really well done!
  3. Wrinkledog

    Fabuland MOC: Pandora Panda's Roadster

    This is Awesome!
  4. Wrinkledog

    MOC: Lego Animals

    I want to thank you all for the continued support and thoughts... Its time to share the next family. Please say hello to the Giraffe Family I could not resist making them able to be mounts: Enjoy
  5. Wrinkledog

    MOC: Lego Animals

    I want to say thank you to all the wonderful folks on Eurobricks, I may not be able to reply to all of your posts directly, but understand I do read your comments. I appreceate all the support and also all the comments so many have shared. Thank you I Just finished up the next set of critters. Although this one was a bit further down the list of requested critters than some others, its one I personally would love to see Please say howdy to the Zebra Family As with many of my recent critters, I decided it would be fun to make the Zebras able to wear a saddle: More to come as I get them done
  6. Wrinkledog

    Review: 6399 Airport Shuttle (1990)

    Fantastic Review... This is a set I have never had the luck of seeing in person. Thanks for providing an in depth review!
  7. Wrinkledog

    MOC: Lego Animals

  8. Wrinkledog

    MOC: Klossboda Railway Station

    simply awesome!
  9. Wrinkledog

    MOC: Lego Animals

    Just finished up creating the next set of critters... Please say howdy to the Donkey Family: I also set the Adult donkeys up so they can wear a saddle: The adult donkeys also have moveable heads and rear legs. Cheers
  10. Your Cuusoo project is just so spot on! supported - Wild encounters is a real example of how Cuusoo should be used. Good Luck!

  11. Wrinkledog

    Results: Survey Missing LEGO Animals

    Hey Bonaparte... thank you for putting this list together.
  12. Wrinkledog

    Wow ~~~~ I see an alien ! =(*o*)=

    Awesome! That cat is really well done! Really impressive work! Best of luck in the contest!
  13. Wrinkledog

    MOC: Lego Animals

    I want to thank everyone for the comments, I find it interesting to see what people have to say I also want to thank you all for the continued support. Its awesome to see so many people getting behind this idea I have just finished creating the Wild Boar family: I will continue to add to this topic as I get more critters done Take care,
  14. Wrinkledog

    MOC: Lego Animals

    I have the Wolf Pack finished: I made the adults along the same lines as the Roos, with fully movable front and rear legs.
  15. Wrinkledog

    Grand Opening freebies

    Well, we went to the Alderwood Mall this morning as well... When we got there at 8am we were put into group 7. (which told us at least 300 people were already ahead of us) We were told that we would not be allowed into the store till 11:45. So we left for a while and came back around 10:30. By 11 AM all of group 2 still had still not been allowed into the store. People just showing up at that time were told they would not be allowed into the store till 6pm or 7pm at the earliest. We never made it into the Lego store as the wait was just too crazy... however we did help build the Yoda which was fun, we all got our master builder cert, but there was no free brick given out.