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    10233 Horizon Express

    Thanks for posting the picture of the original one - makes me like it a little more. But, am I the only one who's not so super crazy about this? So much orange (isn't the most common TGV color blue and silver?), and the nose of the engine isn't the most attractive - it's too staggered, and not aerodynamic looking enough. The real trains are sooo sleak. Hate to rain on the parade, and sorry to be such a downer, but am I alone in this?
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  5. Not sure if I'm posting properly, but I have a Hulk mini-fig in the sealed package, and would trade it for the new mini-Sopwith, if anyone's interested. I live in NYC, and a local trade would be great.
  6. Tantalus

    Swimming pool.

    Really great work. Love the little details.
  7. Tantalus

    San Francisco Stick Style House

    WOW!! The detail under the roof is staggering.
  8. Tantalus

    WIP: Pizza place

    Really looks fantastic! Great job!
  9. Tantalus

    4200 Mining 4x4 Set Review

    Great Review. Can't wait for the big truck review too.
  10. Tantalus

    LEGO 10226 Sopwith Camel

    Great review. I just regret getting the Hulk minifig and not waiting for the free Sopwith mini.
  11. Tantalus

    Review: 21102 Minecraft Micro World

    I'm surprised that it's actually a fun looking set, not knowing what Minecraft really is.
  12. Tantalus

    Copenhagen Retail Store

    Thanks for the pictures. I'll have to visit to check out the Danish themed displays they have, being a fan of Denmark, but I won't plan on buying any sets. It's kind of disappointing though. As it goes, I'll be in Minneapolis in June too, but its such a shame that between the Mall of America store and the Copenhagen store, all I'll be able to buy are the same sets available everywhere else.
  13. Tantalus

    Copenhagen Retail Store

    Does the Denmark Legoland have any exclusives? Or its pretty much the same thing?
  14. Tantalus

    Copenhagen Retail Store

    Disappointing! I'm from New York, but I was really looking forward to some Danish themed sets. But I'm guessing that mini Copenhagen canal set, was just for the opening?
  15. Hi everyone, This summer I'll be in Copenhagen for a couple of weeks, and was trying to find information about their relatively new store. Is it pretty much the same as other Lego stores? Are there sets they sell there and only there? Basically, should I get excited or not? Thanks all.