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  1. Thanks @Jim, very interesting. I found some facts I did not know! If somebody is wonder about all activities of Charlie, I just uploaded video of them
  2. Foton

    Harbor Container Crane

    @Aventador2004 I already see these two, each one have some highlites. @Nebulaire Too big, I do not have place/time/money/parts for such scale. Maybe version 2 :-) Thanks for tips from @DavSod for twistlocking by string. See his crane.
  3. I would like to build something like this crane. Remotelly controlled. With camera in cabin. Inspiration is similar video simulator in visitors centra at Maasvlakte || (Rotterdam). Basic concept: control center: Tablet for view + (tablet for control with SBRICK |or| Mindstorm cube with joysticks builded on motors ) crane: 3 axes of movement + un/lock container (similiar to real one Twistlock) , PF or Mindstorm motors + Sbrick/Mindstorm cube For now I have working twistlock. And trying to figure out how move it from above by string, so no motor will be on locking frame. See pictures in G album
  4. Catching ball is kind of tasks I never expect to be accomplished by EV3 brick only. I love the technic details you post there. This is most mature (standalone) robot from Mindstorm series I ever seen! Hat tip to You!
  5. Entry A - 1 Entry B - 1 Entry D - 1
  6. I really, really like it. Speed of head and arms movements are incredible!
  7. Foton

    [CONTEST] An a-Maze-ing contest!

    Congratulations to winners! Will you publish other places too?
  8. Category A: #1 #2 #7 Category B: #3
  9. Is voting for my own entry allowed?
  10. Foton

    [Maze] Cat B - Avengers Tower

    Unbelievable! When I first see the pictures, I think "Hey man, wrong category, this is Maze contest." But first picture of tilting with maze, show me how wrong I was! I hope, that somebody will build this beast and make a video.
  11. Is there shortcut around "Grab the Mum"? There are two posibble ways? Or I miss something?
  12. Amazing build. The track, the story and the tilting system. For a while I thinked that you have shortcut right after descending from pyramid to village, turn left. But after second look the gap is not so wide as the one (used in video) on opposite side.
  13. Foton

    [ MAZE ] Maze Wars, Dark side of the maze.

    Look very good. Can you link bigger images? Or LXF. I am not able to figure out the path of ball.
  14. Very nice maze, I really like your miniatures and how you build the track so ball have to run beneath them (AT-AT, Star Destroyer)
  15. Foton

    [Maze] Cat A - LEGO Fairground

    It is beautiful! I like microbuilds and colors and overal look. Definitelly I try to build it.