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    Life on Mars - Mining Exosuit

    I like this fairly obscure space theme, so I thought I would build them a mech...
  2. Dubbadgrim

    Laesonar 1 - Unexpected Encounters [Part 1]

    Great build and a solid collection of foliage - looking forward to more from you
  3. Dubbadgrim

    Börzerk's Journey

    On their way to the surface of Nocturnus, Börzerk Baël and his warriors stumble across some ancient ruins. They quickly discover a fearsome beast inhabits the lower chambers, while scorching lava flows overhead. Börzerk doubts his crew's ability to fight head on, but quickly devises a better tactic – by provoking the animal enough, it might just find the forces of nature finishing the job instead... Built for Stage 2 of the Guilds of Historica Warlord community build (32x32 size limit) My stage 1 build, introducing the character.
  4. Dubbadgrim

    Nocturnus Mini Challenge: Foreign Aid

    Loving that unique swampy vegetation mixed with the classic lime green water. Also digging the tan turban usage - sometimes it feels like when people use headgear for plants it can look a bit weird, but not here.
  5. As above, a very good 'blob of rock' - hope to see more landscapes like this!
  6. Dubbadgrim

    Nocturnus Minichallenge II: Paying Tribute

    Looks great ME - will be interesting to see what people fit into 16x16 size for this. As per my build below, I think lime green can work pretty well (and it's cheaper than sand green )
  7. Dubbadgrim

    Qar Riwa

    It's this kind of build that motivates me to build BIG!
  8. Dubbadgrim

    Warlord Community Build

    Thanks man, I have a few ideas ... just a matter of deciding and of course the building process
  9. Dubbadgrim

    Warlord Community Build

    Stage 1 Entry : Börzerk Baël - Lord of the Faceless Stage 2 Entry : Börzerk's Journey Stage 3 to come... hopefully in the not too distant future.
  10. Dubbadgrim

    Nocturnus Minichallenge III: Pie Contest!

    Wow, three minichallenges at once and one (this) has three catergories! Great motivation for some more Nocty building.
  11. Dubbadgrim

    The retaking of Eolas

    Solid scene, lots of well posed figures and overall the colours blend nicely. I hope we may see some wooden detailing on the wall later seeing as they are doing lots of woodworking currently?
  12. Cool! As above, a simpler background and lower camera angle would help presentation. Keep it up.
  13. Dubbadgrim

    MOC: Dwarven Artillery - Colossal Cannon

    Woah, that thing's a beast. Apart from the overall size and tankiness, I also like the golden greebles.
  14. Dubbadgrim

    Börzerk's Journey

    Everyone, thanks for your comments and feedback. Thanks SK, I did it for the prequel to this build (character introduction) and then refined it a bit for the Summer Joust entry :) Thanks ! Apologies for the late reply, it is this rock piece from 'Life on Mars' series. Thanks Jacob, yes in the dark is where all the real fun happpens !
  15. Dubbadgrim

    Börzerk's Journey

    Thankyou very much everyone ! Thanks Henjin for your kind words. I never fleshed out the story a whole lot, but being born from the lava is definitely a possibility. And the whole 'Faceless' thing came along because I loved how creepy it looked and how well it worked with the back printing on the heads. Feel free to tie in anything you write with these guys here! Thanks Cap, I hope to bring something a little different to the table
  16. Dubbadgrim

    Forestmen Camp

    Pretty swell combo of old and new styles - the swordsman looks quite proud of his little outpost!
  17. Dubbadgrim

    AoM Wall 2

    Looks a lot better without the gaps and the darker background helps the snow stand out. I hope to see more !
  18. Dubbadgrim

    Andus Tradehouse and Bazaar

    I remember seeing this a while back on Flickr, but seeing it again reminded me of your skill in building design. Hope your Nocturnus lava MOC is coming along well (the one with the teaser on Flickr) .
  19. Nestled in a quiet region near the Mastik coast lies the Kiyonobu Military Centre. Home to some of the sharpest minds of the guild, the centre is used for development of experimental technology and warfare techniques. Built for the Summer Joust "Guild Team" with josdu. Meditating and finetuning a prototype cannon. A samurai relaxes while his peers discuss warfare theory.
  20. Dubbadgrim

    Arrival to Evenfall Castle

    Inspiring work B, probably the biggest irregular base I've seen !
  21. Dubbadgrim

    Good Old Days

    Yep, definitely one of your best builds. Overall looks very natural but still 'neat'.
  22. Dubbadgrim

    Acid Rain + Lone Survivor

    "Acid Rain" If you have the nerve to show up to an undead-ridden fortress without an invitation, don't complain when you get putrid swamp water hurled in your face. Built for the 'Water Fight' category of the Mocpages Building Techniques Contest. "Lone Survivor" In retaliation for the bold assault on their fortress by the Wolfpack, the Undead hordes launch a counterattack. Their first point of call is to eradicate the siege outpost down the river - no matter the cost. The bloody aftermath of the battle. Bodies and pieces of the building are strewn everywhere, as are embers of the raging fire. Wait, there seems to be a lone survivor... the little apprentice boy! Lucky he has a broom to sweep all this mess up! Built for the 'Multi-Stage Battle' category of the Mocpages Building Techniques Contest.
  23. Dubbadgrim

    Dark Rider, Dungeon of Alaveria

    Wow! So many refreshing details on this guy. Is the whole thing purist or are there some custom bits?
  24. Deep beneath the labyrinthine Rakath Mountains of Nocturnus lies this race of horrific creatures. The arcane darkness of the underground has permanently deformed their faces but one member, Börzerk, somehow resisted the damage. Because of this, and other displays of superiority, his peers believed he was worthy to become their leader. Now Börzerk gathers his minions and prepares to rise to the surface of the world to cause chaos and destruction across Historica. Built for Stage 1 of the warlord community build. (If it's still open, if not then just a freebuild introducing these new guys!).