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  1. I'm sorry, but this thread is pointless.

    Here are the facts:

    1. Every year, LEGO releases the quantity of OFFICIAL carded figures the will be giving away.

    2. They also produce extra (carded and uncarded) that they give to MARVEL and DC for their giveaways .

    3. LEGO also gives figures to people who suck up o them at their booth.

    I have had multiple friends attend over the past years who provided me with this info, as they got the figs these ways. Who knows how many are actually made.

  2. I think it makes perfect sense for this to be an exclusive. What everyone fails to realize is that these SDCC exclusives are ways for LEGO to make figures/sets that they wouldn't make otherwise. Everyone acts like they're being cheated out of something. In LEGO's eyes, they figure it's better to make a figure and give people the chance to get it than not make it at all And to the people complaining that this screws them out of a complete matching team, take note that EVERY other toy line used the orange Rocket. If LEGO hadn't done this no one would have cared about getting this version. (I never saw it mentioned before) It's because LEGO announced it that everyone seems to feel entitled to receive a version of a character that will probably be on screen for 15 minutes.

    I can't wait to see what this thread is like when the exclusive minifigures are announced. :hmpf:

  3. Another reason big-fig Green Goblin might be DLC and not in a set is that he wasn't in the big-fig trailer... :wink:

    I'm sorry, I just don't understand your reasoning. The guy said "This is a new figure that will be out this year." If he meant in the game, he would probably have used "character" or "ability". Also after he said it, he kind of stopped himself and cut off his sentence. To me thos means that we will see the figure next year in a set and I'm excited for it.

  4. Kevin Feige has stated that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are "gray-zone" characters. Fox can essentially use the whole mutant history of them with Magneto being their father, as long as they leave out any Avengers involvement. The opposite applies for MARVEL Studios: they can use them as long as they leave out their mutant origins.

    Whatever the case turns out to be, as Feige has stated, the script may change drastically over the next 6 months (before start of production). First draft scripts are rarely ever used. Infact, I believe Joss stated that the original draft for The Avengers included Wasp and a secondary villain. Who knows? All I can say is: IN WHEADON I TRUST!!!

  5. The Ewok Village set has been "confirmed" for a month or two, as it was listed in a Japanese catalog.

    Really? I'm not trying to rank on them, but they REALLY put the Wikipedia Star Wars page for a Yoda Hut set confirmation? Are you kidding me?

    Yeah I agree. The Village is old news and just about all the credibility for the "Yoda Hut all but confirmed" statement ent out the window with "Wikipedia".

  6. Ugh...I HATE TOYS R US!!! I went down to my local one today (looking for something else) and happened to wander down the LEGO aisle. I looked around noticing the usual ridiculous price increases ($95 for the Quinjet?!?!? WTF?!?!?). Anyway, upon closer inspection I noticed price tags for the IM3 sets. They had a pretty small markup plus $20 off a $75 purchase, but the sets weren't on the shelves. :( So I went to the Customer Service desk to check out and asked the younger lady working there if she could please check thier back room inventory for LEGO Iron Man 3. Instead, being the lazy "you-know-what" the typical, useless workers at my TRU are, she just checks the website to see if thry're "in-stock".

    Of course, the only results that appeared were the two Avengers sets. I have been shopping at TRU for years, and I know the difference between their store stock program and the store website. I tried explaining this to her, but she insisted that this was all she could do. So, I requested the manager, to which she replied "They're all busy." So, i bought what I had and stormed out of the store with "Have a nice day ringing in my ears". Now, I know they had them in the back as the price tags were out, so don't give me any of this "We don't have it", TRU. AGH!!! I was so close to having them. SMH