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    Other then the obvious one, Lego. I really enjoy going to concerts and exercise.


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Hai, my name is Viktor and I´m a MOCer from Sweden.

I´ve build with real Lego (not Duplo) since the age of 5, and while everyone else "grow up/from" this glorious hobby I just kept going. When I turned 6 I where on a trip to Legoland, Billund and I found set 10019 for very low price and went ahead and bought it (imagine that, a 6 old who buys a set that he can´t even lift by himself). From that on my interest in Star Wars lasted until I turned eleven, when I started to grow an interest in City. I where stuck in the city theme for 2-3 years, then I started to build World War 2 models, and now i´m building in what ever theme I feel for that specific day.

Here are some of my favorite models that I´ve build the past two years;


The Council Of Elrond, just finished this up as of 14/07/13 |    By far the best wwII model I´ve done so far!


             Even if I think I´ve spend 3 years of the early part of my life in front of Rock Raiders video game                                                     it took me 4 years to finally make a decent dio with it :-)