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  1. Francis Marion

    MOC: Crown Volley Gun

    An excellent little creation, and it's something I might have to try at some point. I always wind up with Crownies being in possession of cannon, but I've never tweaked the concept much.
  2. Francis Marion

    Nice Custom Pirate Cafe

    This guy's been selling these for at least a year, as I've seen them whenever I look for sets or minifigures on that site. I've found it nice for its size, but I haven't gotten around to building anything like it (which I'd like to do) recently.
  3. Francis Marion

    Evil Stevie's Pirate Game

    I've been interested in running the game myself, but have never played any. I wondered if the game was dead to the creator at some point, so I emailed him as follows: To which he responded: I'm a bit far away (12-14 hours drive) for a game, but I wish you luck in your endeavours in finding one.
  4. Francis Marion

    Request - combined modern castle?

    At one point, I had those sets connected (No 7079, actually) and I'll look to see if I have any pictures...
  5. Francis Marion

    Petition for Western returning

    I hereby sign this petition.
  6. Francis Marion

    Cart stop

    A nice little vignette, in my opinion, and a very nice adaptation of a modern concept to old technology. However, I do think that the size could be improved slightly so as to make room for more than one person waiting for the cart. The cobbled street is nice, but seems a bit too orderly for a period street.
  7. Francis Marion

    A Pirate Knitting

    The first time I saw this MOC, I laughed for a good few minutes, which was a welcome escape from piles of work. To me, that is the genius behind this creation, as it is intentionally silly and beautifully simplistic. My favorite part has got to be the monkey holding the yarn (even though I don't particularly like the red plate on his stomach). However, I do think that this small island could do with a little more on it and possibly something making it less square. I think this could easily be made a little larger (pieces providing, of course) and would look quite nice with some more rocks, shrubs, trees and the like. Overall a nice little MOC and quite useful when you're in need of a good laugh.
  8. Francis Marion

    PTVII: Creative Critic

    I've already sort of started... I didn't know there was an official entry thing. Anyhow, I'd like to join!
  9. Francis Marion

    Lucre Island

    Great little MOC, this is, I really enjoy the simplistic business of it all. By this, I mean you didn't use a lot of pieces but there is still a great deal of action (irate pirate, laughing pirate, puking pirate, drinking-in-a-tree pirate, etc.). I do have some suggestions that might help this MOC: 1. A small beached raft would make sense, as it would be an avenue of escape in case of discovery. 2. You could expand the building so that it is more useful (i.e.-sleeping quarters, armory, etc.) 3. Making it bigger overall could possibly make it more interesting 4. You may want to add more trees, grass, and rocks, as some parts are looking bare.
  10. The Swamp Fox hereby has signed!
  11. Francis Marion

    New Castle Event

    There's a chance that I'll go to this exhibition tomorrow (or later today, rather) in Phoenix, and I'll check if there are any promos.
  12. Francis Marion

    MOC: Hill House; Homage to the Horror Genre

    An amazing MOC, Einstein! I think it really does the horror genre justice, and the intricacies of this building are astounding. If I would make two suggestions, however, it would be an organ somewhere and maybe removing the snake from the tree (I don't know how it could really get up there in the first place). Also, I thought the pentagram particularly interesting, due to the design challenges that you (apparently) had to overcome.
  13. Francis Marion

    MOC: LEGO toaster

    I must rummage about to find the bricks necessary to build this toaster, as it is an amazing little piece of work! I, for some reason, have always been fond of toasters, to the point of founding a mock-religion with some friends regarding the worship of toasters.
  14. Francis Marion

    General A's Big Bluecoat Army

    That's a nice real army. How much did it cost to amass it? Just curious, but have you thought of using some of these for the frigate you're building as marines? P.S.- How long have you been out of your barrel?
  15. Francis Marion

    LDD Emerald Night and Passenger Train Crossover Car

    Here we go, a side by side of a grey roof and a white one.