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  1. Bidea

    Dwarves' Airship

    Hello everyone, I used Old Brown Boat Hull to make this Airship, Is Steampunk-style boat, because Old Boat Hull specifications are small, so the design is to give Dwarves XD Thank you for watching. My flickr:
  2. Bidea

    32 gun frigate Concorde (French, ca.1760-1780)

    A beautiful ship! and lot of good details.
  3. Bidea

    mixels-Pirate Ship

    Thank Phred help me transfer the topic. Thank Eggyslav, blackdeathgr, SodorBricks, Littleworlds, Thank you like this little works. It is interesting to try a mixels, and not as many large ships, thank you lord raphael opinion, I would try again in the future :)
  4. Bidea

    mixels-Pirate Ship

    I tried using mixels: 41566,41567,41568 making pirate ship, Flying aboard the pirate ship sides have engine XD I posted to the wrong place? I'm sorry ... How to delete? Thank you for watching :) My flickr:
  5. Bidea

    Pirate depot

    Pirate depot Taiwan LMC activities: 8x8smallshop My favorite pirate theme create a small depot. Thank you for watching :) Thank you for watching :)
  6. RODEO Minifig Series8 Cowgirl RODEO by, on Flickr
  7. Bidea

    Pirate Rabbids

    Staslegomaster´╝î Thank you, I made Raving Rabbids pirate appearance. Mr Greeble´╝î Thank you:) Hinckley, thank you, I'm not very familiar with the here and now found. XD
  8. Bidea

    Pirate Rabbids

    Single hand mustache pirate. Gun on the beach ready to launch in !!! Thank you for watching. MY flickr-
  9. Series 2 Mine Artist & Series 4 Artist "Everything will be changed..." This is my work to attend CMFs Contest, Mime Artist in a black and white world, the story between the artist. Everything will be changed by, on Flickr
  10. Bidea

    Raving Rabbids-pirate

    Raving Rabbids become pirates, Adventurous journey, bad luck ran aground shipwreck ... Hello everyone, this is my first work in 2016's Pirates, Although the production of Raving Rabbids, but I hope you will like it, thank you. I also produced a ship were damaged reef boat. Thank you for watching :) My website: http://brickslifeide.../brickslifeidea flickr: brickshelf: http://www.brickshel...bin/gallery.cgi
  11. Bidea

    mini-Queen Anne's Revenge

    Thank you for everyone's comments, The picture has been modified 800 * 600.
  12. Bidea

    Raft Raiders

    Excellent!Ship design is really excellent!
  13. Bidea

    mini-Queen Anne's Revenge

    [pid][/pid] 132A Hello, everyone, this is the second time I made pirate ship. I try to make mini versions of Queen Anne's Revenge, A light-emitting brick interesting, hope you like. Thank you watch. Other photos-