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  1. Candia


    Thank's all. Not respecting the proportions is a choice. What I like is the part design process. Once defined the general appearance, I do not see the interest of reproducing the same grounds unnecessarily just "to make bigger";). Inside is a structure to consolidate the construction. I will take pics.
  2. Big fan of elders scrolls, skyrim and morrowind in particular, I'm inspired by this games regularly. It's been a while since I wanted to make a moc on Jorrdask house companions. Here is the result. Dovakim02 par Candia_30, sur Flickr Dovakim01 par Candia_30, sur Flickr Dovakim03 par Candia_30, sur Flickr
  3. Hello. I started the realization of characters in video games in their older version. These characters will be exposed to Nimes (France). MARIO par Candia_30, sur Flickr LINK par Candia_30, sur Flickr
  4. Candia

    [MOC][FreeBuild] Brothel

    Thanks all for your comments. No, the inside is not equipped. You can steal the idea, no soucy ;) the use of this ustensile is not my idea but i like it. This is your tutorial gave me want to return playing lego. Thanks a lot for this. See you comment on my mocs is a kind of consecration for me. Yes i understand this, but the realistic side of the lego is not at all what I'm looking for. Thanks all others !!!!!
  5. Azulf love regularly take good time in one of the many brothels referenced in the "perverse book". But out of it, a bad surprise awaits. Hardjaws tribe intends to avenge the death of many warriors that Azulf takes pleasure to hunt for sport. brothel03_censured par Candia_30, sur Flickr, sur Flickr No censured version in spoiler, beware explicit content. brothel04 par Candia_30, sur Flickr, sur Flickr brothel05 par Candia_30, sur Flickr, sur Flickr Not this time Azulf makes a final poignant tribute to the brothel landlady and hit the road with a light heart (but not only...) brothel06 par Candia_30, sur Flickr 2 pics of the entire moc : brothel01 par Candia_30, sur Flickr brothel02 par Candia_30, sur Flickr
  6. Candia

    [MOC] Constipated

    By dint of eating guards and other dancers, the last Rancor Jabba is constipated. His new animal handler gives him the famous fulcaca dragees the outer edge. The effect is immediate and fatal for the animal handler. This moc was quickly realized in the context of a contest on whose theme is "Dumps ways to die." This is my first SW moc, I hope you'll like it. StupidDeath par Candia_30, sur Flickr
  7. Candia

    Benoic house and Countryside

    Very nice ! Il like the color sheme and especially the use of scrap sheet in the barrier
  8. Candia

    Sword Sirens of Avalonia - Just for Fun

    Excellent feminin armor ! I love it, thanks for share it.
  9. Candia


    I share the LDD projet (Wait the directory be public). http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=535155
  10. Candia


    Thank you all. Funny how everyone liked the gate. There will be no other pics, moc is already destroyed I agree with Gideon, should I improve in pics. Of course
  11. Candia


    Because of his escapades with all the maidens of the region, Asulf is regularly hunted by militia. This time it was least one!! This is my first build for GoH. I Hope you will like it. JustInTime par Candia_30, sur Flickr
  12. Asulf swear allegiance Avalonia (well may be). Where's the bar? Presentation_02 par Candia_30, sur Flickr
  13. Candia

    ASULF Presentation

    Thanks all. Of course i choose Avaliona, the beer is best.
  14. Candia

    ASULF Presentation

    Hi guys. This is my fiirst participation for the Guild of Historica. Thank you to those who invited me Coming from a long line of warriors, Asulf was intended to honor the blood flowing in his veins. But honor and duty were never shown anything to him. Hunting and women, though! Its excess teenager overcame one of his brothers, then he should accompany his younger brother returned from hunting, he preferred to leave alone and went back to get drunk in a brothel in the area. But the roads were not sure ... the younger brother fell into an ambush and was killed. Asulf was stripped of his name and banned from the family land. Now he wanders on the road, living hunting and 'services' against currency stumbling or favors of the fair sex. His appetite for hunting it is a very strong animal tribal enmity ... Presentation_01 par Candia_30, sur Flickr Presentation_02 par Candia_30, sur Flickr
  15. Candia

    Dark Isle Saga: Rising Of The Damned Part 1

    How the black bars are them fixed to the wall ?