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  1. He arrests Vikings, he has to be fit
  2. ace

    EB Members Title Archive

    - EB Accelerator [ Made a patch to the IPB software that made forums faster, think it was Rick, thank you ]
  3. So far so good, been an hour with the patch in place and the load on server seems to have become much less, hope it continues I guess I can close that terminal window which is ready to revert the patch at a moments notice now..
  4. ace

    EB Members Title Archive

    Hm, got the title EB Resurrector which is probably because I helped getting some lost users back, lost when the EB server provider mercilessly took an unsafe shutdown. The only moderator I restored was Rick (I think), and also he has a matching title, so I think he is to blame.
  5. ace

    Server Status Update

    My personal goal for EB server in 2013 is 99+% uptime and no dataloss
  6. For some reason I see more details in the pictures than in real life
  7. ace

    Hello EB!

    Thank you! Well, after you said that I am actually considering it When you open that box of pun ..
  8. ace

    Hello EB!

    I have that effect on people
  9. Thank you! Oh nice, at first sight it seemed like they were bent, now I'm a bit wiser! Better? Probarly not, hm, but I think I want to try out just to see it live
  10. That is really cool! I'm curious of how, do you have any close-up pictures of the rails and carriage?
  11. ace

    EB Members Title Archive

    Lalandia Mini-Golf Masters 2012 Champion - By Peppermint_M after a serious (for me anyways ) mini-golf round, which I won.
  12. ace

    Hello EB!

    Hehe, yes, I think I should go pro ... or maybe not .. Oh, and use your powers for good not evil .. or something .. I do have my own computer, but I like Cecilie's shoulders alot
  13. Without adding anything new to the thread: WOW! I really appreciate that you have posted "in construction" -pictures and love the shell, it looks really good. Looking forward to when you have some more time
  14. ace

    Hello EB!

    but, but, but .. it was LEGO on the screen
  15. ace

    Hello EB!

    sooo... I have been shouldersurfing EB for a while, and decided to finally register (while on an EB event in Billund). Whee! :) For me LEGO is the potential to have fun in many different ways, from building sets to socializing. I love looking at the creations of others and marvel at their genious or laughing at the funny little details that you might not catch at first glimps. My main interest is with technic and I am awed and inspired with what contraptions people come up with. I have done nothing complex myself, but I have great plans! (but not that much time). Anyways, found some interesting threads here, so I cannot spend too much time writing an introduction when I have not explored the forum fully yet :) See you around!