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  1. PoweredbyNorth

    Blacktron Dalek

  2. PoweredbyNorth

    10240 Red Five X-wing Starfighter

    Looks like I was too late.... or was an inspiration to LEGO? See my post of last year for the USC XWing 2nd edition: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=71783&hl= I wonder where they got the idea for the engine exhaust... And believe it or not, I am now working on another new version that has a similar scissor mechanism for the s-foils... Anyway, absolutely gorgeous new USC model, definitely going to buy it. Unless LEGO wants to compensate me for my idea of course
  3. PoweredbyNorth

    MOC: Lion's Heart Hotel

    A real beauty. So much to see... I like the arches above the main entrance and the lobby floor. Excellent job!
  4. PoweredbyNorth

    MOC Orange House

    Very nice build, I love the color scheme!
  5. PoweredbyNorth

    MOC: Dutch Mansion

    Hehe, well many thanks for the inspiration then! Never knew I was building SNIR45. It took me a while to figure out how it was done. I used 1x1 bricks with 1 knob to attach either the 2x1 tiles or the 1x8 tiles for the joints. This means that not all tiles are attached and that the long joints are sort of hoovering on one side. I have put a loose 1x8 tile underneath it to support it. I couldnt find a better way and it looks effective enough, but perhaps you found a way??
  6. PoweredbyNorth

    MOC: Dutch Mansion

    I guess you mean the tiled floor on the ground floor? It was actually inspired by this building. I wanted to copy it, but had no idea how to do it. I took me some time to find out how. Actually most of the parts are attached, only a handful are not. I added a picture of the building technique I used. All I can say is that it consumes a lot of parts... Btw: I cant find this EofAlshire on Flickr?
  7. PoweredbyNorth

    MOC: Dutch Mansion

    Many thanks for all the nice replies! I'm honored it's now on classic-town.net. Very cool. I'm pretty proud of the model myself. Many details I borrowed from other MOC-ers, but I guess many of us do. Some of the details that I worked out myself are the shutters, the stained glass, the facade and the door posts, which look pretty good if you ask me. Anyway, it was a lot of fun to build, but man, this is turning out to be an expensive hobby....
  8. PoweredbyNorth

    MOC: Dutch Mansion

    B-RM-11A In Dutch we would call this a 'Herenhuis'. I guess it would best be translated as a mansion. You would typically find this for example at the canals in Amsterdam. Anyway, this is my second mod since I picked up building with LEGO earlier this year. I hope you like it! Complete set of pictures: Some teasers:
  9. PoweredbyNorth

    UCS XWing 2nd edition

    @Cavegod: I've made some extra pictures from the same angle and merged them: Red five comparison by PoweredbyNorth, on Flickr You might be right about the nose being a bit short, but it's not much, maybe add two studs and it's done. I think the angle I choose on some of the other pictures introduce some sort of perspective distortion, don't how to put it. An other thing I spot is the engines that could be a little higher, so that the model get more shoulder. Also the cockpit is really different. I wanted to use a glass cockpit and the only alternative then is the original 7191 screen (which cost me 37 euro on bricklink, but that's another matter...). Perhaps I can find a way to tilt the entire screen slight backwards, or otherwise create something without glass. Another difference I spot is the fuselage. The top on the original seems flatter. I think the width is ok. And lastly, the nose in the original is hexagonal, mine is not. Reason for that is mostly the sturdiness I wanted. I feel that a construction with angled plates will not be that stable. But let me think on that. Btw: thank you all for all the compliments! And of course for your - I presume - well meant criticism. For the moment, I will keep the model as it is (mainly because I'm now in a new project with a modular house). When I find the time, I will probably start the USC Xwing 2nd edition v2 PS: Clone O Patra commented on the photography job. Credits for that go to my friend Marc (loosfotografie.nl), to be seen in action here Untitled by PoweredbyNorth, on Flickr
  10. PoweredbyNorth

    UCS XWing 2nd edition

    Hi there! Can you be more specific? Which dimensions you think are wrong?
  11. PoweredbyNorth

    UCS XWing 2nd edition

    USC X-Wing 2nd edition USC XWing 2nd edition by PoweredbyNorth, on Flickr For some reason the X-wing with it’s characteristic shape has always been one of my favorite models in the Star Wars galaxy. It is fast and agile, it looks aggressive and strong and yet it is elegant and balanced. With the wings in attack position it must have been truly fearsome for all those imperial tie fighter pilots! Being the weapon of the saga’s great hero and a symbol for the Rebellion it is truly an icon for the Star Wars universe. Early 2012 I recovered from my Lego dark ages after 25 years or so. First of all I was really overwhelmed and impressed by all the new models, themes, bricks, colors, building techniques etc. I didn’t have an clue of things like LDD, Bricklink, the numerous moc pages, fan pages, Cuusoo, internet fora, etc. To make a long story short: an old hobby had been revived and right now I’m fully up and building again! After buying and building some of the existing USC models I decided the original USC X-wing earned a well-deserved remake after 12 years! I’m pleased and proud to show you the USC X-wing 2nd edition! Some facts: Dimensions (metric) Length: 64cm Width: 63cm Height (on stand): 46 cm Height (on feet): 16cm Dimensions (studs) Length: 79 studs Width: 76 studs Scale: 1:20 Weight: 3.9 kg # parts: probably around 3500-4000 Features: 100% made of Lego bricks (no cheats!) Fully functional wing folding mechanism (to be operated at the back of the ship) Detailed cockpit with cockpit stairs Replaceable R2-D2 (should any damage be done to the droid) 2 maintenance hatches Cargo room with details Cargo/people transporter Detachable landing gear (2 rear, 1 front) Front gear hatch can be closed Some of the challenges I faced when building the model - Because the model is quite large the wings turned out to be pretty heavy. It took me 6 or 7 versions (lost count) to get the mechanism strong enough, not only to open the wings, but also to open them far enough and to keep them horizontal when closed. The final version consists of 28 gears and fills almost the entire hull. - The wing engines turned out to be a real challenge. I need a round shape to match the scale of the spacecraft. Standard cylinder-like bricks are either 4x4 of 8x8 studs and I wanted 6x6. Then I bumped into a part that allowed me to create the round form built around a technic disc. The engine exhausts were a challenge on its own, but together with my son, LDD and a great deal of creativity I think I've managed to get quite a nice result. - The nose section required some iterations as well. I tried to capture the pointy shape and the roundish nose that completes it. It sort of felt like sculpturing... Well, that’s it! If you want to know more, have some comments or questions, please drop me a line. More pictures can be found on my Flickr page here: I hope you like it! USC XWing 2nd edition by PoweredbyNorth, on Flickr USC XWing 2nd edition by PoweredbyNorth, on Flickr USC XWing 2nd edition by PoweredbyNorth, on Flickr USC XWing 2nd edition by PoweredbyNorth, on Flickr USC XWing 2nd edition by PoweredbyNorth, on Flickr USC XWing 2nd edition by PoweredbyNorth, on Flickr USC XWing 2nd edition by PoweredbyNorth, on Flickr
  12. PoweredbyNorth

    My 30 year old TFOL LEGO recovered

    Wonderful, I recognize many of the sets there. I sold all my Lego when I was 16-17 or so. Now 25 years later I wish I hadn't done that...
  13. PoweredbyNorth

    MOC: Helicoid 5

  14. PoweredbyNorth

    Fully chromed UCS Royal Naboo Starship

    Definitely a winner. Well done
  15. PoweredbyNorth

    WW Category 2: 1908 Wild West Town

    Voted! I love your stagecoach