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  1. Me and my sons entry. Troop tree for Lord Vader
  2. vriverajr3

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    how about people stop talking about a set know one knows anything about? Specially since the mods have said to stop a million times already. It's like people here have the intention spans of 3 year olds. Geez haha
  3. vriverajr3

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Haven't seen too much love for the Scarecrow look. Its definitely inspired by the animated series version. Not only is Scarecrow my favorite Batman villain, but the animated series version is easily my favorite look of him by a long shot. I still haven't got my hands on the 2013 version of him and I almost bit the bullet the other day and bought him but now glad I didn't. After seeing this, I really hope this movie version of him gets turned into a physical figure. The version of him coming out later this year doesn't really impress me at all. This would easily be my favorite DC figure if it does get released.
  4. vriverajr3

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    Yeah, stuff like this needs to stop. Nothing is known about the fourth set. This is how false rumors get started and how people start going off topic. Know one knows if we'll get another version of cap
  5. vriverajr3

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    So I was able to get a sealed 75133 Rebels battle pack and bag 3 from 76051 Airport Battle from someone on Craigslist. The only thing is there was no instructions on how to build Ant-man. I checked online but there is nothing except a youtube video of someone attempting to recreate it but it's not official. Would anyone be willing to possibly send me pictures of just the Ant-man build from the instructions. I'd appreciate it.
  6. vriverajr3

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    Even though the head piece is weird to me I still wanted a Panther figure. Luckily for me, instead of wasting my money on the set, I was able to work out a trade over on reddit for all 3 figures from the set. Should be arriving tomorrow.
  7. vriverajr3

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    Here's a review of the "Black Panther Pursuit" I think Black Panther really should have had a new cowl piece. the head piece looks weird
  8. Any update on this? Thanks
  9. Well, 6 winners a day for 24 days 6x24 =144 winners 144 packages needed 144 stamps/ whatever needed to ship all over the world 144 address needed to write 5 figures per winner 5x144 =720 figures+ bonus 24th day Dino figures 720+ figures needed to order 720+ figures to organize when recieved 720+ figures to pack to the right person Yeah, it sucks waiting for these awesome prizes but the amount of time and effort that goes into these yearly raffles is nuts. We all shouldn't do anything but be patient and appreciate the fact that he's doing this for all of us. All that work should be appreciated and I'm sure it is
  10. Sent you a PM on the 13th with my address for the raffle, but it says it still hasn't been read by you. Just want to know if you just haven't gotten to all the PM's yet. Anyway, thanks again and have a great Christmas.
  11. I won Prize C. I've never seen a episode of Dr. Who(but I do know I'ts popular) or know who any of those figures are, but I still appreciate that I won. With being said, If anyone would like to trade for Prize F after prizes are sent out, that would be awesome.
  12. vriverajr3

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    Back of Iron Skull box http://imgur.com/a/txk3Z
  13. vriverajr3

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    With Captain Marvel being my favorite female hero I'm kind of disappointed that there's no "normal" masked face. I wanted to display her masked but I don't like the masked growl face that she has.
  14. vriverajr3

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    Someone on reddit was able to get an early copy of the Iron skull sub and was nice enough to take a picture for me of iron man without the armor piece. I think he looks great! http://imgur.com/a/LfcPG
  15. My sons entry: Tony's Iron Christmas Tree Thanks for doing this again. Hopefully luck is on our side this year.