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  1. Hi, Has anyone experience with LEGO Fanwelt? Is it worth going? I'm thinking of going there as an exhibitor. Should I go, what should I expect? Please let me know your advice. Greatings, Paul
  2. Hi ;)

    Could you please tell me your experiences with Steve's yellow 6x5 leaves, how similar they are to original lego, with grip, size, whole size, could they be bend, do they get broken if bended, do they get broken easily, smoothness and anything that comes to your mind?

    Thank you :)


    ps: you will be able to send pm after tenth post ;)

  3. P@u!+ox

    A Guide To Tree Building

  4. P@u!+ox

    What did you buy today?

    Actually, I wasn't planning to buy any LEGO today, but they were on sale: 7326 7949 And I couldn't resist to take a collectible minifig too. It happened to be this one: col104
  5. I agree with Gekke Ted. It takes a lot of time, effort and shipping costs to put custom sets together. What to think about instructions for instance, a lot of work to put them together. The result is high prices. I created some custom sets to sell on BrickLink or at events, next to my layout. Up till now, I sold some of them, especially at the events. And once in a while I sell one on BrickLink. The most important thing is that your design has to be something someone else wants to pay for.
  6. P@u!+ox

    A Guide To Tree Building

    I built a new tree today. It's an autumn birch! For all the LEGO purists out there; close your eyes! It has non-LEGO yellow leave parts:
  7. P@u!+ox

    Giant Cypress

    That must have been this one from my BL-shop than: Nice to see you're inspired by it! Have you tried building it yet? That would be a terrible job I think (knowing how hard it is to build the smaller one).
  8. P@u!+ox

    Introducing P@u!+ox

    Hi there Eurobricks! It's about time I join the Eurobricks forum. My name is Paul Toxopeus. I'm 30 years old, I live in the lovely town Wageningen in the Netherlands. I'm a member of the Dutch LUG's de Bouwsteen and LowLUG. My personal LEGO project is to (re)build a former Dutch theme park called 'Het Land van Ooit'. I'm working on this project for 4 years now. Some of your Dutch members might already have seen my creations at LEGO-events like LEGO-World Zwolle or visited my weblog about my project. Or some of you may already have seen lot's of pictures at my Flickr photostream or my Facebook fanpage. I've noticed that some of my creations are already discussed here at this forum. So it seems that my tree designs that I posted at LEGO CUUSOO as well as my How-to-build video at YouTube are appreciated in the topic called 'A Guide To Tree Building'. Thanks for all the kind words! One of my Land van Ooit creations already got noticed at LEGO-World 2009 in Zwolle in the topic called 'Het Land van Ooit: Waterloo Project'. Waterloo is a fountain of 30 custom minifigures spraying water from their hats. Although I work two jobs, I still have some spare time left to expand my Land van Ooit layout. Hopefully I will find my way around at this forum too. Kind regards, Paul
  9. For me, the only theme that counts is my own theme. I mostly buy only the parts I need to create my own builds. Whether they are parts from LoTR, SW or Friends, all parts I could use are welcome. And because the licensed sets have less parts for more money, I hope the licensed sets will not overtake all the non-licensed sets.
  10. P@u!+ox

    Het Land van Ooit: Waterloo Project

    Finally I joined this forum to be able to react on this very old thread. Thanks for the enthusiastic reactions on my creation! About a year ago I incorporated this build into a larger layout. The pond has got green shores now:
  11. P@u!+ox

    A Guide To Tree Building

    Thanks for the support! I really hope the video also helps others to build my trees!