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  1. India Mill Chimney - Darwen, Lancashire India Mill chimney was the tallest and most expensive in England when it was completed in 1867. India Mill Chimney stands 303' in Darwen, Lancashire. The Lego version stands 5'6½". Back then, mill owners had more money than they knew what to do with ... so when they built their new mill, they'd want it build with fancier brickwork, a taller tower, etc, than the mill owned by another guy in the next town. This means that many of those old buildings were great architectural works of art. Many were demolished in the 1960s and 1970s, but fortunately not all were. The ones that remain are now listed buildings. India Mill Tower is a Grade II* listed building. This building had its debut at the Amherst Railway Show in West Springfield MA on Jan 30-31, 2016. This rendition of India Mill Chimney in Lego is the latest in my series of Real Life buildings. Detailed view of top: Close-up of the upper section showing detail in Lego & real-life. Note the bare brick top. When originally built, there was about 20 tons of ornate wrought-iron atop to crown the building nicely. This was removed during World War II to be melted down (along with railings from houses, parks and other sources) to be used in the war effort. My rendering brings a semblance of this ironwork back! View of base & a perspective from bottom looking up: Enjoy!
  2. andyscouse

    India Mill Chimney, Lancashire England

    Thank you! It was delightful to plan and build - and overall, it's quite a sight to see.
  3. andyscouse

    India Mill Chimney, Lancashire England

    I'm visiting the UK next month - I should really go and visit this site!
  4. andyscouse

    India Mill Chimney, Lancashire England

    AJW Actually ... it was *this very video* that inspired my building of this!
  5. andyscouse

    good colour for the Town hall?

    Yes, I took TH and made it standalone - it drastically improves it, in my opinion.
  6. andyscouse

    [MOC] 1960ies ARAL gas station

    I like this MOC a lot ... definitely captures the zeitgeist of the era ...
  7. andyscouse

    MOC Modulars Inspired by real buildings

    Nicely done! You captured the essence of this perfectly! I have started modelling real buildings too. 2 of the 3 are not strictly modular standard (in that they link to others), but all are 32x32 footprint. I'll post the one that is in the modular mould. The Old Post Office White River Junction, VT http://www.moc-pages.../moc.php/397056
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    [MOC] Old log house

    A truly delightful build! Love how you did the walls in particular, and great use of the 2x2x2 boxes for the corners.
  9. andyscouse

    India Mill Chimney, Lancashire England

    Thank you, Venuder! Yes, it took me 5 weeks to build, with photos of the building close by so I could ensure it matched as close as possible. Took existing stock of dk red and tan 1xN bricks and some other pieces, and then 4 Bricklink orders for other elements!
  10. andyscouse

    India Mill Chimney, Lancashire England

    I think part of it is perspective. That picture was taken with the building on tables that are about 3' tall (almost 1.0m), and the gap behind to the far tables is about 10' or so - so the guy you see is actually about 12' behind the Chimney.
  11. andyscouse

    India Mill Chimney, Lancashire England

    Yes, yes it is! Turned out a little taller than I was expecting it to be when I started - I was aiming for 5'0". Of course, for the €uropeans here, 5'6½" is about 169cm (1.69m).
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    MOC: Nick's Next hotdog place

    Here's a MOC I made of the best hotdog place in Western MA! Nick's Nest is located on Northampton St, Holyoke MA, USA. Nick's Nest is famous for its hot dogs, baked beans, popcorn and frappes (milkshakes). Nick Malfas started his business in Northampton MA in 1921 with a popcorn pushcart. In 1927, he opened a restaurant just 50' away from where it is today. This building and interior are from 1948. The hot dogs are still made from the original 1920s recipe combining beef, pork and spices with no fillers. It's one of those places where they put the condiments on the hotdog for you (you're not allowed to do it yourself!), and they have a great selection of fries, beans and sodas. Here it is in real-life, so you can compare: And a view of the interior: Available on MOC-Pages: This will also be on show at both the Amherst Railway Show at the Big E Fairgrounds in West Springfield MA Jan 30/31, as well as BrickFair New England in Marlboro MA in May 2016.
  13. andyscouse

    MOC: Nick's Next hotdog place

    I have some, just didn't get around to put then on the grill for the picture! Yes, my wife and I will sometimes stop by on the way home from work ...
  14. andyscouse

    MOC: Train Station - the Musee d'Orsay in Paris

    Very, very impressive - especially as it's your first MOC! Truly amazing detail ... a build to be proud of.
  15. andyscouse

    MOC: Nick's Next hotdog place

    Thank you. Yes, it really is a good one. Worth stopping in. Of course, I had to do research for the building, so I stopped by a fair bit for a while!
  16. A couple of extra MA stores were added subsequently. I picked up a case of 1x2 Dark Red [approx 2,700] from Burlington MA, and case of Roof Slope 45 Black [approx 1,400] from Peabody MA. A good deal at $60/ach.
  17. andyscouse

    How do I find someone who does commissions?

    I'm part of NELUG, but wasn't part of the team that built the spectacular Millyard. I have recently, however, started to build real-life buildings. My first was the White River Junction VT's Old Post Office, which now hoses part of the Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS). I built if for a show NELUG put on in White River Junction (Sep 2014), as I thought it'd be nice for people to see one of their buildings rendered in Lego. Afterwards, I emailed the CCS, and they were very excited about it, and I ended up lending them the model to display in that very building. They have since requested to purchase it, and have commissioned me to build two of their other buildings. I built it from photos alone (as well as being there for the show), and will do the same for the 2 next buildings. I'm looking to create a portfolio of work and start up a website soon for such projects. Time and cost will, of course vary, but I am looking forward to this kind of venture in the future.
  18. andyscouse

    MOC modular building - wine and spirits store

    Very nice! A great addition to any town layout! Nice use of arches (I like to use arches myself), and the ¼ cylinder window is a nice touch. Great interior. Also, nice transom window above the front door.
  19. andyscouse

    Area 51 - Fake Moon Landing

    Oh wow! Great idea, and executed marvelously! Love the details, use of the SW Earth, etc!
  20. andyscouse

    MOC: Groothoofdspoort (Groothoofd City Gate)

    A totally awesome piece of work! Very true to the original, and its size and detail contribute to the model's innate beauty.
  21. andyscouse

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    With talk of a possible Detective Agency modular, I am reminded of that hilariously funny film Dead Men don't wear Plaid ... and can totally agree with the description posted earlier by @marvinblue.
  22. andyscouse

    Lego 10243 Parisian Restaurant--!New Build & Review!

    'Tis next up for me! I have all except PR ... and I'll probably get 2 and combine them into a larger building (2-wide). Oh, and I love how you do your reviews, by the way ...lots of great pictures ... plus the element of surprise by posting the building in stages!
  23. andyscouse

    Freebuild – The Old Watermill

    Stunning - both in looks and execution! Amazing indeed!
  24. andyscouse

    Buildings/Structures with Proper Backs

    @jern92 Yes, they have the tiles (with studs on end) so floors can be stacked - just like modulars.