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    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I am not sure if this is the right place for this post, but her goes... I have been wanting to buy one of the 1/10,000 limited Lego gold chrome C-3PO minifigures in the sealed white bag for a while. My question is does anyone know if there are any known issues of these being faked? I know that there are many cheap non-Lego chrome figures around but not sure if they have gotten to the point to try and seal them in a fake bag. I would hate to shell out big bucks for a knock-off.
  2. Brickfan

    Kenner 12-Back Lego Display

    Hello All. I wanted to share a project that I finally got around to completing. I thought that it would be a cool idea to pay tribute to the original Kenner 12-back figures and recreate them in Lego form. I used the original 12-back artwork as a backdrop for the display and then used early versions of the characters in Lego form. It’s not anything complicated, but it’s something that I had in mind for a while and finally just did it. In the end, I am happy with the result.
  3. Brickfan

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Is there a Lego Star Wars minifigure ornament planned from Hallmark for 2015?
  4. Brickfan

    Star Wars vs. Marvel Contest

    Here are my entries! Cat A - Thor vs Emperor Palpatine Cat B - Spider-man & Ewoks vs Scout Troopers
  5. Hello All, Here is my entry for category B of the SW vs Marvel build!
  6. Hello All, Here is my entry for the SW vs Marvel build.
  7. Brickfan

    Star Wars Battle Pack Contest Voting Thread

    #18 #25 Good Luck!
  8. Brickfan

    Star Wars Battle Pack Contest

    Thanks for the instructions. Here are my entries. Yoda Chronicles BP Tosche Station BP
  9. Brickfan

    Star Wars Battle Pack Contest

    Posted my entries as a separate topic, but did not post a link here. Sorry for being stupid, but how do i do that?
  10. Brickfan

    [SWBP] – Jawa Ambush

    Very nice!
  11. Brickfan

    [SWBP] Tosche Station Battle Pack

    I finally figured out how to link pictures, so I updated a few more photos.
  12. Brickfan

    [SWBP] – Rebel Special Forces Battlepack

    Nice job! What set was the Death Star display in you Rebel base from?
  13. Brickfan

    [SWBP] - Ugnaughts Battle Pack

    Great Idea! I love it and I agree we need some ugnaughts!
  14. Here is my entry for the SWBP contest. Do you need a power converter or are you having problems with your speeder or droid? Then come on down to Tosche Station for a quick scan and repair. This is the best equipment available this side of Mos Eisley. This is my Tosche Station Battle Pack. This set includes Luke, Biggs, Fixer and Cammie, who could often be found here exchanging power converters. The BP also includes a scanning / repair station as well as a landspeeder. This set can also be used with other set vehicles, so all speeders, skyhoppers, racing pods and gonk droids are welcome!