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  1. Captainsmog

    My Steampunk MOCs

    I'm back with some contraptions: First, the Protocopter from Prussia: THen, first appearance of the Francian Monarchy, the Intrépide: You'll find more pics there: And Nikola Tesla's latest invention: MOC based on this: Hope you'll like those MOCs
  2. Captainsmog

    My fantasy MOCs

    Thanks again! ^^ Today, I'm really happy because I got my little LEGO official comment: my Fell Beast reached the 1000 votes limit on Cuusoo! ...and it goes on! There is still a long way until being produced, but who knows...
  3. Captainsmog

    SKYHOLM- the flying city

    Impressive build! I saw it on TBB some times ago. Really infinite-esque!
  4. Captainsmog

    MOC: Brickbuilt Man-o-War Airship

    Wow! Smooth and sleek! Nice dieselpunkish one!
  5. Captainsmog

    My Steampunk MOCs

    Thanks, everyone! I have several ideas for future steampunk-ish contraptions, but for now, my move creates turbulences in my creative process ... I will continue my building in October!
  6. Captainsmog

    My fantasy MOCs

    Thanks, Aeridian!
  7. Captainsmog

    The Oak Fortress (Avalonia Build)

    Wonderful build! It's a great nature/human-build mix!
  8. Captainsmog

    The Council of Elrond

    Really-really-really beautiful!
  9. Captainsmog

    My fantasy MOCs

    Thanks to you all! I finally found some time to update my Fellbeast cuusoo project, so, here it is: ...and here's the cuusoo link: (support it, please! ) I hope you like the modifications.
  10. Captainsmog

    My fantasy MOCs

    Thanks all! I made all special stickers myself. I haven't put them on the net for now.
  11. Captainsmog

    My Steampunk MOCs

    No idea... I got it from bricklink... Something new from prussian workshops: For all the pics and in bigger size, go there:
  12. Captainsmog

    My Steampunk MOCs

    Yup, exactly.
  13. Captainsmog

    My fantasy MOCs

    Thanks everyone! Here is my last fantasy vig'. I'll begin it with a little introduction text: "When he entered the treasure room, Belkish paid no attention to the incredible wealth in front of him. He had eyes only for the ultimate weapon that sat at the other end of the room. He had sought the artifact for many years. He had slain hundreds of enemies to reach this place... But at the sight of it, he could not help feeling a slight disappointment..."
  14. Captainsmog

    My Steampunk MOCs

    Thanks all for those comments! I'll post some new MOCs as soon as they are ready.
  15. Captainsmog

    My fantasy MOCs

    Thanks for those nice compliments!