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  1. For anyone also wondering about this CADA remote, I ordered one on a whim since it was really cheap from the Chinese sites. I haven't really had the chance to compare it directly to my buwizz but I ordered this because of it being 2.4ghz, and mainly wanted a transmitter was a manual remote for my kids to play around with. Unfortunately my biggest gripe with the remote is that the 2 main controls only have a slight click up and down in movement latitude, about 1mm up and another 1mm down which means it does not allow the remote mod to fix a steering wheel to it to allow for various degrees of control.
  2. fongalv

    [MOC] Lego Technic Cactus Crawler

    Just received the buwizz within 3 days, and the last L motor have also arrived and it is probably the most challenging(at least for me) to fit in the front L motor after having the chassis already fixed together. Took a while to tinker and finally got everything to fit, except for the buwizz. I believe this is due to how my connections were arranged to make use of all 4 channels on the buwizz, and the pf connectors made the buwizz block too thick to fit into the compartment? From reviewing your videos, I believe you managed to fit the buwizz in because you only connected a SBrick to the buwizz? Without wanting to tinker anymore this evening, I just stuck the buwizz on top so that I could fire up the crawler for a quick spin with another set of wheels I found in my parts bin. True enough, the speed/power was on another level, and maneuvering is also much much better with the front motor. The power together with the grip of the tires allowed it to "crawl" up my cabinets and stay in position! As this is also my first experience with buwizz, and after some experimantation, I've found that it was easier to control by setting up the 2 RWD motors(one in reverse) linked to the vertical slider for the left thumb, and the FWD motor+stearing motor linked to a small joystick on the right thumb. This way I can control the FWD and RWD separately and still have easy control to steering. So far only tested it within the confines of my room, but I've already been looking for things to "throw under the wheel" ! One question though, the flexible hose at the back is really taut and is already on the brink of disconnecting/bending 90deg. I've reviewed the LDD and couldn't find any mistakes and yet yours appear to have a smoother and more gradual curve to it? Did I get the hose length wrong? Once again, many thanks to PTNYC for the fun build!
  3. fongalv

    [MOC] Lego Technic Cactus Crawler

    Hi PunkTacoNYC, Thanks for the reply! Yea, I suspected just as much, but also had some fun in trying to figure out what went wrong. Didn't realise that my 2nd photo wasn't posted, here it is showing a LBG 15100! BTW, I'm really new to this, but I believe the 2 rear motors should be connected to the same(one in reverse) remote "channel" while the front motor should be to another "channel", and the last being the steering motor right? As I still do not have the buwizz(on order, black friday deal!), and still short of 1 L motor on the front, in its current configuration(2 L motor for the rear and 1x M for steering the front, I am having quite a lot of difficulty maneuvering it via a AA battery pack+ remote control. Is this to be expected with the weaker power source+lack of FWD? I also found the current setup rather challenging to steer indoors, and a little slow on flat ground and I am not sure if it is because it was meant more for crawling, or do I just need more practice :) ? I find the turning radius a little wide and have the tendency to cause the LA to clip/clutch about 75% of the time when I'm trying to make a not so tight turn. Kinda frustrating right now but then again its not fully complete yet so I'm not sure if its worth "practicing" more in the current configuration?
  4. fongalv

    [MOC] Lego Technic Cactus Crawler

    Hi PunkTacoNYC, First of all, may thanks for the design and instructions. I've been somewhat a smalltime technics parts collector a few years ago before going into into a dark age until I chanced upon these RC crawlers recently. After looking around abit, I've found that your Cactus Crawler seems the "easiest" to get back into the game since it came with instructions(great video btw), and did not require too many parts compared to other alternatives so I decided to give it a go. Here is what I have right now, mostly with parts from my old(circa 2013) collection. After 1 order from BL, I'm now just missing a buwizz, some nicer wheels, 1 more L motor, and possibly a few more parts to get it a little more colour coordinated. I must admit, this took a little longer than I expected, especially seeing that this is my 2nd try at PF(the first involving santa and some reindeers :o), and this is what I have got now. Just thought I should highlight that there seems to be a part error when importing the LXF into LDD/Rebrickable. There is this green axle/pin connector that is also oddly present in both the rebrickable inventory, as well as the LDD model: I then tried connecting the green piece to the suspension only to get a suspension that flexes before it could compress, the suspension refuses to compress when I pushed the body of the crawler down. I tried reviewing your video several times but this part was somehow always hidden or in shadow. I started to change around the mounting points to see what the issue was and finally realised that the "angle" the crawlers body pushed down onto the suspension seems wrong. I then tried a few different parts from my bin and finally found the 15100 Technic Pin Connector hub which then fixed the problem!
  5. fongalv

    SBrick General Discussion

    Hi Everyone, I've only had experience with Lego PF parts and would like to give the more powerful(and smaller) Sbrick controller a try, mainly because of its compactness, range and LOS. I understand most people like the BT interface on a smart device, but is there anyway to control the Sbrick from a physical remote(similar to the good ol IR receiver) so that I can continue using the IR transmitter (instead of a smart device) to control the Sbrick?
  6. Hi everyone, Just received the instructions from Anio and am taking a quick look through, really quite some feat this is! Was wondering if anyone who re-created this set has done so with a stock 10221 and bricklinked the remaining parts? As I'm currently starting with almost nothing(apart from a few spare technic bricks/pins), I'm not sure if it might just be "cheaper" to buy a local 10221(~430 Euros) and start from there? The last time I ordered a 1000+ parts from a seller in Europe, it cost me 200+euros after shipping(already one of the cheapest seller I could find) and if the 10221 is good for 2000+ parts, I think it might actually be worth considering? From what I have read in the last few pages, most people recommend starting from a 10030, but I don't have one lying around and they are also currently priced out of my budget, so I'm not even considering it. Any advice will be welcomed!