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    SBrick General Discussion

    Hi Everyone, I've only had experience with Lego PF parts and would like to give the more powerful(and smaller) Sbrick controller a try, mainly because of its compactness, range and LOS. I understand most people like the BT interface on a smart device, but is there anyway to control the Sbrick from a physical remote(similar to the good ol IR receiver) so that I can continue using the IR transmitter (instead of a smart device) to control the Sbrick?
  2. Hi everyone, Just received the instructions from Anio and am taking a quick look through, really quite some feat this is! Was wondering if anyone who re-created this set has done so with a stock 10221 and bricklinked the remaining parts? As I'm currently starting with almost nothing(apart from a few spare technic bricks/pins), I'm not sure if it might just be "cheaper" to buy a local 10221(~430 Euros) and start from there? The last time I ordered a 1000+ parts from a seller in Europe, it cost me 200+euros after shipping(already one of the cheapest seller I could find) and if the 10221 is good for 2000+ parts, I think it might actually be worth considering? From what I have read in the last few pages, most people recommend starting from a 10030, but I don't have one lying around and they are also currently priced out of my budget, so I'm not even considering it. Any advice will be welcomed!