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  1. I really like how this monster turned out, i remember when i saw the first pictures a couple of years ago, and now shes finaly finished great job, Can the decks be seperated, in layers , so you get vertical access ?? or is it only the diffrent sections ??
  2. Morthen

    Pirate Figures and Set Names

    Okay i just loved the story about Steve, even though its 10 years old....and i want to find my steve now, and make him clean a toilet.... All the ohe ames is nice to know aswell
  3. Morthen

    My lego ship collection

    now you just need a sea and some cannonballs, and then you can have something like this:
  4. the reason why im dissapointed with the chosen name, is. When i create a name, i always spend alot of time choosing a fitting name for it. In 1 case i made the name first, then i made the ship fit that name. And if Lego dosent really care about the name, that (for my point of wiew) would mean they dont care about the ship. But we will just have to hope at another name. And if that is the chosen name, then its just how it is, and im sure we will all get it anyways.
  5. I serieously dont like that name, there's already Bricks Beards Bounty. They should seriously have a reconsideration. they said they wanted a original name...And that isn't. And its not becaue im cross that my suggestion didnt go through. It just is really borring and uncrative.
  6. Morthen

    [MOC] Burying the treasure

    This reminds me of an Youtube stop motion video. Of some pirates trying to byring their treassure. But first they have to buy an island, showels and so on. In the end, they dont have any treasure to bury. Back to the vignette. I love you've been able to cramp an entire forrest into the small eara. The tiny stream fits perfectly, and the slightly raised landscape just add to the whole "forrest feel" And the tree is "leafy" enogh as it is. Very nice moc.
  7. Morthen

    Escape from Sabre Island - A Brickfilm

    Good quality, nice sounds effecs, and i like the fact they dont talk, that usualy screws it up. I really like the classic cartoon hints. The cannonballs dropped in the head, and the hat hanging in air, when he felt down. Nice touches, and a happy ending is always nice.
  8. Morthen

    Pirates Teamwork Contest - Winners

    A well deserved victory.
  9. Morthen

    Pirates Teamwork Contest

    i was not aware of the extended deadline. you should edit your deadline officialy in your post post in this thread bonaparte
  10. Morthen

    PTC - Cara/Legonardo

    This is BRILLIANT. Me and my teammate tried to do something similair, but we never got it finished in time. I would love to buy theese sets. i love that the ship can sink, and it comes with own docking, nice touch. And that fort look alot better than the one Lego made back in 2009. and they are both so playable, they could easy be real Lego sets. I know who im gonna vote for.
  11. Morthen

    HMS Bulldog

    The batteringram look incredible. Simply just fantastic. Now you just need a Bulldog as idol =) i like the high stern, and the details upon very much. But isn't she a bit short ??? Other than that. shes a real nice vessel.
  12. Morthen

    Lonely Pylon

    Yea you have. at a prewiously post. But he likes to eat that rowboat, hehe. And thoose pumpkins is for a pumpkin hunt i have in my layout when i exhibit. I got 11 pumpkins in total. But only 1 is on fire. And thats the one the audience is supposed to find. And that is hidden within the lighthuse, top floor. You can just gaze it, in the window. This is to make the audience, scout all the little details upon my ships, and the rest of the layout. And trust me, it works!
  13. Inzanity RULES!!! I prefer to leave a long comment about what i like and dislike, But i LOVE!! all of this, i got the lego set og this, but it looks like the set can fit in the "city area" alone. hehe. This is just mindblowing as it can be. That enginebay is a true masterpiece. Fantastic work. I would like to see it for real =)
  14. Morthen

    Pillaging Port Royal

    Nicely done, i enjoy all the tiny details, such as. The holy cross in the rowing boat, the lady throwing out garbage. The barricade. the shark fin. and ofcourse the fire. the tipped barrel with the green stuff pouring out, look nice aswell. The decoration at the "Brick" walls suits quite well. And ofcourse the rocks are beautiful. All in all, extremely well done
  15. Morthen

    Lonely Pylon

    no There isn't . Theres a dublo tower in the middle that supports. The whole tower. And it wasen't nessary . But i might add some at some point