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  1. bullet8542

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yes please post some pics every single time I have found a link to the new sets it's dead....A lot of those sets have peeked my interest.
  2. bullet8542

    Lego Vatican

    True !! I have been there a couple of times and it's an amazing place lots of beautiful art works and history (both good and bad) but small it the larger scheme of things. I really like the fact I am seeing a Lego building with a red roof reminds me of my sets from when I was a kid.
  3. bullet8542

    2016 Lego trains

    Does anyone think that TLG will make a cargo train that is more "American" styled? the last one that came out was the blue GE diesel style but the new one looks like it should be pulls passenger cars. And I see at least they kept the price the same as the last one but $199 is still steep, But of course I will buy it I am an addict.
  4. bullet8542

    Lego Vatican

    Who knew a Priest could be a real good AFOL ?? There is some serious detail in this one. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/a-lego-vatican-rises-in-philadelphia_55e88fcfe4b0aec9f3568fce
  5. bullet8542

    MOC Train Station between coast and a vulcano

    Very nice, I like the layout.....I may steal a few idea's...OK borrow. :laugh:
  6. Sorry for the late response I have been out of town. I have. 6285 Black Seas Barracuda 6274 Caribbean Clipper 6276 Eldorado Fortress
  7. bullet8542

    Crane wagon

    That is one nice build really like the detail, Dad had Marklin's you can't find a finer electric train set....Other than Lego that is.
  8. Great so I won't be alone in this pit by myself, God Lego trains are like crack. Welcome aboard!!!
  9. I have both of the original Legoland Pirate ships that just sit in the boxes in a closet, Is there any interest in purchasing these sets? I can provide pics if interested, These are the originals and not the re-issues, They were built and used as displays by myself and are dusty. If interested PM me and we can discuss. If this is off topic please feel free to remove
  10. bullet8542

    A Base Plate Question

    All very good points, I have point many of the blue and grey base plates and hit E-bay often for roads and the like, I guess I just miss back when...I still miss the alternate assembly and model idea's the do offer those with the Creator line, I just find it easier to build a more "Authentic" Cityscape's with roads and streams etc. I mean I am a hard core AFOL I don't know how many copies of models I buy heck I bought three of the fire stations and One new one to create a mega fire station, Heck I have 5 of the wind mills and have not even added a mountain set up for them....Yet. I guess I just am caught between two worlds. Thanks everyone for all of the info!!
  11. bullet8542

    A Base Plate Question

    Thanks, I just took a tour of my local Toys R Us and I guess I seem underwhelmed by this years offerings, Arctic (Done before different color) Coast Guard (Didn't do well) and the assortment of vehicle's. I know they target Lego to kids and not us AFOL's but I guess I just miss the "Good O'l days" when instructions gave you multiple idea's, Idea books etc. I mean I see a lot of detail in some components of larger sets with "Filler" parts (How many helicopters can anyone have?) I looked long and hard today at the "Deluxe" set for the Arctic theme and tons of detail for the "Lab" and the rest looks like it was all after thought. Maybe it's just me, Of course none of this stops me from buying more and more I guess I m just getting pickier with my money.
  12. bullet8542

    A Base Plate Question

    I'm sorry if this has been asked or answered (Couldn't find anything specific in search) But why has lego done away with city buildings and adventure themes that use to come with a base plate dessert. road, stream etc. As a kid I always loved the fact I could put several plates together and have a starting of a town or adventure. Just curious I understand costs and the like but it's not as if Lego is a bargain priced toy. Any thoughts?
  13. bullet8542

    REVIEW: 7938 Passenger Train

    The only reason that I have not bought this set is because of the lack of rolling stock, One passenger car that was my problem with the last passenger train set I bought no way to add to the set without MOC ing or buying two which is the method I went with when will Lego come out with some more rolling stock how many Fire helicopters or rehashed Coast Guard fire sets? I love the fire themes and have most of them but how about some rolling stock please !
  14. bullet8542

    REVIEW: 7939 Cargo Train

    I do love this set I just have one complaint/suggestion I would like to see more rolling stock in sets the passenger train in my opinion is a waste of money with one car? who would get on a train that short? I am yet to build it yet it is going to be a build a thon for the seven sets I just purchased, Damn them for opening a store in Troy, MI.
  15. bullet8542

    Your layout, table or floor?

    I could never find the right answer so I built custom tables to corporate bridges and a harbor and the best thing it is modular so I can add extra sections if I need them I am toying with an airport but the length for runways may be an issue. So I say table.