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    my interests are any awesome lego theme you can think of . I love to make stop motion but i can not put sound in it yet. my fave themes are star wars, indiana jones, potc and most of the super heroes.
  1. Well I like most themes star wars, indiana jones, pirates of the cirabbean,batman, and marvel, . I love making stop motion videos.

  2. legomylego

    LEGO Animations

    Hi I love making stop motion videos too. We are not sure how to put soundon the videos but It is still really fun.
  3. legomylego

    MOC: Alien Conquest train

    Wow oh Wow it is realy cool i like the colors. nice job dude
  4. legomylego

    Monster Fighters 2012

    Very cool. My friend and i are thinking of making a lego zombie invasion.
  5. Nice. i am going for the power miners because they have advanced technology.
  6. legomylego

    MOC: Elven Tree House

    cool tree house. The staircase actually looks curvy.
  7. legomylego

    WW Category 2: 1908 Wild West Town

    I absolutely love your western moc just one thing that kinda spoiled the western feeling was the model t(it is really cool though) I always loved the old west . I grew up watching John Wayne cowboy movies.
  8. legomylego

    My first castle.

    Cool. how long did that take to build? that must of took at least two weeks roughly
  9. legomylego

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    They should make a death star thats actually affordable lol which one do you have the new one from 2011?
  10. legomylego

    2012 Pirates?

    I really hope this is true I am going to work all summer so I can get this set. I pray that it is true!!
  11. legomylego

    Review: 6867 Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape

    Cool set I definitely have to get this set I love the characters.