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    [MOC] Mini tanks from WW1 and WW2

    very nice designs! would love to see a sherman and cromwell.
  2. coffeeandcake

    [MOC] It's A Jungle Out There!

    very nice! sort of reminds me of the lion king musical. hehe
  3. coffeeandcake

    More Fairground Set Ideas

    would love to see a swinging pirate ship
  4. coffeeandcake

    Ferris Wheel or Crane for new City?

    ferris wheel? do it london eye style (:
  5. coffeeandcake

    lego X-wing question

    the original 7140 x-wing is still one of my favourites.
  6. coffeeandcake

    Poor bricks quality in set 70402

    tiny as the damage may be, i as a consumer would still feel rather disappointed and expect a higher quality standard judging by the price i am paying.
  7. coffeeandcake

    Do you have a Legoland Park bucket list?

    hi legogal, i am not too sure about the duration of the bus ride from orchard to legoland, but it isn't that long of a journey distance-wise. most of the time would be spent clearing customs. for your other queries: Have you noticed any local discount coupons for adult admission at the Park? Is there a discount for a two day pass? yes, there are discount coupons for adult admission, typically you will find these promotions running with brand sponsors or retail outlets. the promotions vary by season though, so you would need to keep your eyes peeled. there is a discount for malaysian citizens at the gate, and also a discount for advanced online purchases via the legoland malaysia website. a two-day pass is also available from the website or at the gate. And how good is the LEGO parts store inventory selection? Have you seen any interesting/rare parts there on your last few visits? the parts selection at the brick shop's PAB unfortunately leaves much to be desired. there aren't any rare parts, and not a big variety of colours. the parts available rotate quite regularly, so i guess it will depend on luck. most of the parts are common bricks, plates and tiles, windows and frames, jumper plates, wheels and rims, plants etc. most of the colours available would be bley/dark bley, black or bright colours (orange, yellow, red, etc) Is the weekend Saturday and Sunday like in Singapore or on the Moslem calendar like in Saudi? the weekend is saturday and sunday. to avoid crowds, i would recommend going to the park on monday-friday which are not school holidays, however the park closes earlier on these days. the park is closed on wednesday, except school or public holidays. an opening time calender is available at the legoland malaysia website for reference. hope this helps!
  8. coffeeandcake

    MOC: Summertime

    very nice moc, though the guy on the bench looks a little evil
  9. coffeeandcake

    Do you have a Legoland Park bucket list?

    hi lego gal, sorry for the late response, as i just read your post for your queries: i do not recall if they have the set you are looking for in-stock, as they usually rotate their stock regularly, especially the polybags. LEGO tends to be a bit on the pricier side here in Malaysia, but i will be happy to check it out for you the next time i head there. if you want pictures from any part of the park or store, do let me know and i will do my best to accomodate the easiest way to get to Legoland Malaysia from singapore would be by bus, which goes from the 2nd link, direct to Legoland. you would want to take a singapore bus to the 2nd link, clear customs and interchange with the JPO2 bus. yes, you will need to pass through customs on both trips, but it is a fairly painless process by bus. info on busses can be found here --> and a fare and schedule can be found here --> http://www.causewayl...=720&height=470 As a side note, Legoland Malaysia accepts both Malaysian Ringgit and Singapore Dollars, so you do not have to change currency if you already have SGD, though i would recommend to, as the SGD rates at the park are fixed and might be slightly higher than a currency changer's rate. due to the climate, it can get really hot especially during the noon hours. the restaurants or water rides is a good place to cool off in lieu of shade. in October of this year, the Legoland Malaysia water park will open its doors, so that should help in cooling off too also, they have introduced a very small star wars display in miniland. if you have anymore questions, let me know, i will try my best to answer them!
  10. coffeeandcake

    [MOC] Wrestling Ring (WIP)

    instantly recognize jerry 'the king' lawler, jim ross and michael cole! very nice MOC, especially like how you did the ropes and put the cape in the corner.
  11. hi guys. i was browsing through LEGO sets at my local TRU looking to pick up a set or two for parts. as i was looking through the shelves of lone ranger sets, i came across this: im wondering if this is a tampered box, robbed of its parts or figs. it looks the box has been opened carefully bypassing the tamper proof thumb tabs, so as not to show any marks or signs that the box has been tampered. it looked like it was done with alot of care, so much so that it looked MISB. it even was the first box on the shelf. picking it up, i didn't even notice that it was tampered until i flipped the box to look at its side. even that was hard to tell, because the box was still tight and crisp. it did not feel any lighter or sounded any different from the other boxes, so i can't confirm if anything was actually missing. though it might just be a damaged box or production anomaly, i thought i might just share this with you guys as a warning - check the boxes properly before buying!
  12. coffeeandcake

    Alternate Palace Cinema Movie Posters

    in the lego world, 'the lego movie' would just be 'the movie'
  13. coffeeandcake

    Modded 10240X-Wing Nose

    could you show any pics of the nose attached to the model itself?
  14. coffeeandcake

    Alternate Palace Cinema Movie Posters

    thanks, i didn't want to risk working with the more expensive glossy paper until i knew how they would react in situ. i agree on the stickers, but i don't think i can bare to sticker the windows at this point in time. i may be swayed once i see your posters up on your PC soon (: do you plan to customize your billboard under the palace sign as well?
  15. coffeeandcake

    Alternate Palace Cinema Movie Posters

    hey, thanks for the inspiration, motivation and measurements. i have finally gotten around to putting my custom posters on my cinema! i did not want to open a new thread, so i hope you don't mind me sharing it here (: i have found with precision cutting, i was able to fit the posters between the slightly recessed part of the frame and push the window piece over it, keeping the poster in place. they are fairly easy to swap without dismantling the structure by pushing out the window piece and fitting the poster in. i have used normal a4 paper for this test-fit, but will consider using something with a more glossy finish in the future. for the curious: i shoot, retouch and layout the photos by myself, hence my choice of movies depends on my limited inventory of parts. i try to make more recognizable and iconic movies, but it will all depend on what i have available to me at the time. i plan to do more posters in the future and will update if i have. suggestions are welcome (: