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  1. I haven't got any tags yet so I'd be happy to get his one, because I really enjoyed the contest and I like the whole theme.
  2. hench

    MOC: Jake Silksen

    Very nice colour combo!
  3. Great hideout, I like the inside very much!
  4. hench

    [SoNe Ep. II] Communication

    Awesome radar and great usage of pieces!!
  5. hench

    [SoNE Ep.II] Abandoned outpost

    Agree with others, awesome MOC!
  6. hench

    [MOC] Separitist Shuttle

    Great colour scheme! Separitist's capsule is my favourite part. How did you make turban?
  7. I'm happy you like it.
  8. Thanks! Here you can see details of the tower:
  9. Some advertising from my side too, folks: Hench's Halloween MOCs 1. Scary Monster Guy is walking throught street, when suddenly found himself eyes to eyes with devil. 2. Ghoul Busters Monster fighter's hunting werewolf, using flamethrower 3. Creature's Lair A nest of a giant bat
  10. Heh, it's actually good idea, but I thought man-eating spiders are little bit bigger ...
  11. hench

    SlimShady's Halloween MOCs

    The idea of living tree is great! And the background looks very good. And as Mogywar said, pillows are great.