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  1. Really interesting talk, I like his answers, doing 42100 with pneumatics would be great to see but not so great to play with as pointed out in the interview, with the app and LAs you got the most precision and smooth movements ever. Looking forward for a new 8480 too, would be awesome😍😍😍. Fingers crossed!!! As Sariel suggested in the video, a control playstation style or similar would be great for models and mocs even because of the 4 front buttons that allows you to use mani functions at one time
  2. Perfect review as always, thanks. Looking forward to see the interview as many others. Will buy this set but at sale price or a used one in the near future, no way gonna pay full price for it. Really like the app even if I prefere the remote controls because they last forever while to run the app you need an advice and who kbiws what happens in 20 years with technology... but very very smooth movements, impressed. As you pointed out in the video, some details are out of place or could be done better but we know perfection doesn't exist!
  3. Woww, great, thanks for letting us know that. All the best, and we wait your crane πŸ˜‰
  4. Foggy

    42053 - Volvo EW160E

    I think it's too big
  5. Foggy

    42053 - Volvo EW160E

    Shame on me, the pics I've found was maybe old.. must Google better :D :D Anyway I don't like these orange parts even in the real model
  6. Foggy

    42053 - Volvo EW160E

    Well, i googled some pics of the real one and I haven't saw any orange part, so why Lego put them on their model??? For sure I'm gonna replace them with yellow and black ones ;)
  7. Thanks for the kind video! It's great to see what's inside over there :D
  8. Foggy

    [C-MODEL] Snow Groomer

    Woww, big compliments, really nice model, i just bought this set for parts, i like the main model but prefer yours to the b model, it's a better arctic theme model ;)
  9. Thanks for your review, especially from the part of us who'll never get the chance to visit it!
  10. Looking at Sariel's pic the volvo box is big too, can't figure out how they filled hasn't so many pieces..
  11. I have the same opinion on many of you about porsche. They created too much expectations on it and then failed in its heart..many say "i don't mind, i put it on display so don't need the gearbox works" but looking at the expectations and the price you pay, it's not good you pay for something that doesn't work as supposed to. If the Lego intent was to produce just a good looking replica of a real car they couldn't put the gearbox in it and make a model as the tumbler (that is a display model in fact hasn't steering wheels for example..) so without functions. But if you decide to put a function in a model, i pretend that it works! And the nice box is not enought to compensate this not working function.
  12. .because this set is not meant to be too "functional"....but rather good looking! They could do it in the creator section as the F-40 ad not in the technic one.... From a technic model you expect functions first and then looking, or not?
  13. Of course, as the 8458 b one
  14. Great review as always. It was my childhood dream too, managed to buy it 2 years ago and love it too. Old instructions are cooler than modern ones, i love them, in one step you put the pieces you put in 10 steps of nowadays books and you had to see carefully where tmput the pieces compared to the previous image. This is so cool. Nowadays ones are too easy, you find even arrows that show you where to put the piece.. Probably in the near future instructions we'll find even the suggestion note "take a break and go to the toilet" .... :(