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  1. Yes, I know it's a mess. And yes, I know it's dusty. But here they are.
  2. As much as I love my legos, I'm not interested in buying any more or building new stuff with what I already have. I've sold the bigger Star Wars sets I had and still have most of the collection. I figured I would post it on here and give you guys a shot before I put it on craigslist or ebay or anything. (I haven't been on this forum in ages but I still remember some of you guys) I took pictures of most of the stuff the way it is, there's tons of stuff not pictured. I want to sell the whole collection at once, too much work to part it all out and put all the sets back together and I don't have the time. I'm in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Too much to ship, somebody would need to come pick it up. I have most of the instruction manuals in mint shape, and tons of boxes still in almost new (but obviously opened) shape. Multiple manuals and boxes of certain sets, only one unopened set. Probably over $100 in brickarms guns, figures, and helmets. Mostly Star Wars and Indiana Jones, there's lots of old old stuff in there too, even some Fabuland figs. Here's a list of sets I have the instruction manuals for (so I know I have the sets whether they are assembled or not): Number beside set numbers indicates how many multiples there are of that set. 6240------------------8873------------------8100------------------8031------------------7657 5970------------------7195------------------8014----4------------7595------------------7257 7252------------------7754------------------7415------------------8057------------------8038 7250---2-------------8017------------------7414------------------5969 7670------------------7672------------------7748------------------4483 7695---3-------------7259------------------7344------------------7171 6206------------------8018------------------7045------------------7666 7779------------------7661------------------4857------------------7664 7780------------------7623------------------8777------------------7074 7092------------------7665------------------7701------------------7786 7654----3------------7659------------------4854------------------7752 7655----3------------3287------------------4500------------------7658 8014----2------------7680------------------7263------------------10176 8059------------------7037------------------7255------------------10173 7770------------------7627------------------7196------------------3825 6205------------------7628------------------6207------------------4855 7238------------------8823------------------7749------------------8923 7771------------------8876------------------7711----3------------4953 7942------------------7477------------------8101------------------7776 7891------------------4768------------------7708----2------------7669 7251----2------------6212------------------7133------------------6253 8874------------------7674------------------5994------------------8875 7668----2------------7673------------------7473------------------6241 8967------------------7197------------------8359------------------7038 8083------------------4851------------------8664------------------8036 8084------------------8901------------------8033------------------7693 6239------------------7016------------------8666------------------7475 I probably have $3500 invested in what's left of the collection, so that's my asking price. Feel free to make an offer though. Prefer cash but I'd consider a trade for something of equal value. I'll try to attach pics in another post.
  3. I know you can use it outside of ebay. But I don't like to.
  4. I have got a Watto's Junkyard set I would like to sell. Since Paypal is the easiest way to get paid, I've just got it listed on ebay instead of sending checks in the mail with fellow forum members. Here is the set on ebay: I have a ton of old Star Wars sets that I want to sell, preferably at fair prices. I'm an old forum member here and read through every once in a while, but you see my feedback on ebay so I am trustworthy. If you live in the United States, and there is a set that you would bid on or would like to buy, please name it here. I want to sell off a lot of my Lego stuff and I could use the money these days. Thanks, The Who
  5. The Who

    PlayStation general discussion

    Is anybody here any good at Nazi Zombies on COD World at War? I only have Nach der Untoten for now, but I will buy the other maps later. Feel free to add me, I'm AudieMurphy88 on PSN.
  6. There are the Hungry Cannibal and the Angry Cannibal. Angry: VGF32C
  7. Who are they beside? (to the left or right of on main chart) Whenever you feel like playing it, I can tell you who they are if you know who they are beside.
  8. If you are missing some, try going into a bar/pub and standing at the door, the locked ones you can buy will usually walk through eventually, and buy them there. Surely there's a way to get him without the code? But you can control the bird by giving him food and the monkey by giving him a banana, you cannot be the animals. Only the dog. Who are the locked ones beside on the main chart? I could help you with that, I have everything except the Dancing Jack in the bottom right. I like this massive hub, but roaming makes it hard to find characters indeed. Plus when you try to buy them they try to run away. -_- Who can you not find?
  9. So I just beat the game to 100% a few minutes ago, but there is still that last guy in the bottom right, that says "locked." Anybody know who he is or how to unlock him without using a cheat code? Also, for the trophy, "The Best Pirate I've Ever Seen," where you have to complete Port Royal in story without dying: Do you also have to not have invincibility on or something? I have completed it in story twice now with invincibility on, and didn't get the trophy. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I haven't died, and I already got the "The Worst Pirate I've Ever Seen" trophy for doing it with zero studs, so the extras being turned on should not affect it.
  10. The Who

    History thread

    Awesome. Thanks for helping, that was really fast. I have seen Russian versions, but I am pretty sure they are rare, and French would be more likely. That restored one looks a lot like it.
  11. The Who

    History thread

    I do hate to dig up threads, but why start a new one for one question when we have this one? So... I was wondering about a WWI French Adrian helmet I bought not too long ago. I am pretty sure it is French, but it has never had the badges commonly seen on the front of the helmets, and no holes or anything to attach badges to. I don't know much about WWI, I have more WWII knowledge. So does anybody (maybe some help from across the pond?) know what this helmet is? Maybe a parade helmet? I only have one photo of it, and there is no liner. Here, it is in my gallery: Gallery
  12. The Who

    White Fett Raffle Winners

    I knew I would forget to come enter in this. Oh well. I've been away too long... But congrats winners.
  13. The Who

    Team Fortress 2: EB Guild (PC on Steam)

    Is there no love for BFH? But seriously, is it more for the score or more for the teamwork? BFH is based off of teamwork and score is a bonus.
  14. The Who

    PlayStation general discussion

    Where is this being held at?
  15. The Who

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    But that old? I have seen some old ones recently, but nine years is a little much I would think. Not to mention a value-killer for the old ones.