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  1. If I only found out earlier.. I would have asked my father to keep the lego. What was not eaten by the coming generation was thrown away (In my dark ages).
  2. Remember playing with this stuff as a kid when visiting my grandfather, it was a mix of old and new lego probably belonged to my uncle/aunt/father in the 60´s Lack of clutching power and strange windows made me think it was some cheap look-alike. Being used to the town and space-sets in the 80´s.
  3. Plauge

    What do you think about flickr's new design?

    I like it, but pro account does not make much sense anymore.
  4. Wow... This is really impressive! I'm at loss of word.
  5. Ended up buying the 10240 Red five X-wing from S@H. So much for being sensible
  6. I didn't sit on the fence for a long time, ordered it and looking forward to start build it next week. Not too happy about the cockpit stickers but I'll manage (cannot be worse than UCS Y-wing). Anyhow.. I suspect Rufus being a sales representative from TLG, I seem to end up buying the sets he gives a good review.
  7. Plauge

    Lego Inside Tour 2013 Set

    Like the truck, need to build it. A "must" have for my town. One day I´m going on one of these tours, to bad I need stuff for my house and family..
  8. Plauge

    REVIEW: 7140 X-Wing Fighter

    Like this memory-lane review, thanks! Remember I wanted this set back then, but could not afford it (as a trainee the pay was not great).
  9. Plauge

    Lighting your Lego City?

    This topic was inspiring. I will without doubt start a "lightning" project of my own town plan :)
  10. Plauge

    First LEGO Roadway Baseplate

    Hehe, danke Really looking forward to the new chapters and images.
  11. Plauge

    First LEGO Roadway Baseplate

    Love your post! Always intresting and entertaining. Your book was worth every cent.
  12. I just got the Y-wing and Battle of Hoth from S@H. Looking forward for the UCS X-wing :D
  13. Plauge

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I was watching "The Brest Fortress" a Russian war movie about the Sovjet defense of the Brest fortress (that was taken from the Poles in ´39) during the opening stages of Barnarossa in ´41.
  14. Plauge

    Back on the Lego track

    I know the feeling, my underlying love for Lego burst out last year. So my planned "party-room" ended up as a lego-room
  15. Plauge

    Lucky LEGO finds

    I must admit I envy you, brings back found memories when I see the pictures of those sets (6080 and 6061). Was my best christmas ever :D
  16. Plauge

    My LEGO City

    Love it! All the classical town sets brings back memories :) I guess you will set it all up in a town/city?
  17. Plauge

    WIP: Pizza place

    Ah, ja. I guess we´re on the same page then . I think I will have a chance to improve it when I know what parts I actually have (and where).
  18. Plauge

    WIP: Pizza place

    So finally I´m off the clock again and can start my 1st (since the early 90´s) MOC. The good thing being away for 4 weeks is that all the PAB order etc.. is waiting for me when I get back home (Yea, and my wife too). So far I have completed the design for the ground floor, the 1st and roof/2nd floor still in progress. Using a 16x32 as a base-plate. Ground floor will be the with a stand-table. I plan to use the 1st floor as the dining area/restaurant. I´we made the base drawings but not sure how to furniture it yet. The floor level I will use as a atelier, with a pull down ladder for access. LDDScreenShot4 by pastajensen, on Flickr I´we just started building and I will update the post with pictures (using Flickr).
  19. Plauge

    MOC The Royal Palace in Oslo

    Woa! Great, just great!
  20. Plauge

    2013 Lone Ranger Sets

    I have to work more overtime this year (too). The Lone Ranger set´s are really good looking. I just don't know where I would place the sets.
  21. Plauge

    WIP: Pizza place

    Thanks, yea I´we been thinking on how to improve the walkway, ended up with the "boring" look as that´s was most walkways are? It also fit´s with the official modulars. But I think I could/should improve part to the door, it´s a bit to plain. I finally start to get a overlook of my available parts
  22. Plauge

    WIP: Pizza place

    Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming! My idea was that it´s supposed to be "cheap" e.g. not the best conditions for an liveable apartment (but then again why a balcony). I´m now thinking about a apartment block inspired by the pet shop modular (for some uniformity). But it´s still only in the idea phase, while I´m busy sorting my Lego (I so regret starting... ).
  23. Oh, why did I start sorting my Lego, WHY?!

  24. Plauge

    Hello from Austria

    Welcome, hope to see some of your creations :)
  25. I did I did!