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  1. Shoc

    The Penguin's Arkham Asylum.

    Very, very nice MOC. I was admiring this last night but was too tired to comment on it (it was about 2am)! The first thing I noticed was the very inventive technique of the men holding balls - if you look in Lego Batman: The Videogame on the flying levels you see a few of them too, and including it in your MOC really captures the spirit! The exterior looks magnificent and the interior is brilliant too, I love the cells! Great narration/tour also. Only one irk I have about this - it looks a little too tall, I've been in castles that (if to scale) would not be so high as this. I know it's meant to be a big building in the comics, but it just looks a little odd, not too bad though. An all-round well done though, this is a masterpiece! :skull:
  2. Shoc

    The Tripod-bug Mecha

    I love all things tripodical, and this is no exception! Really cool and a very creative use of pieces. :skull:
  3. Shoc

    Space Cowboy

    Nice! I made a space cowboy using the same hat/helmet technique also! :skull:
  4. Shoc

    What would you do with black epaulettes?

    Same here - that is what they're for after all! Real eppaulettes come in all sorts of colours, don't they? :skull:
  5. Shoc

    Minifigure Leg Damage

    It's just the pressure from the legs being put on the hip piece, nothing unusual and nothing to worry about. Heheh, no. :skull:
  6. Shoc


    Same here, I've been every year since it opened 12 years ago (22 times actually), and I have alll those things too, so I wonder if it's new... :skull:
  7. Shoc


    Niiice, I want one! And interesting pic CopZopMike, where did the giant clown come from? Does anyone know if the macrofig is available at Legoland Windsor? I'm (probably) going there on Monday. :skull:
  8. Shoc

    How do you pronounce your username?

    Ahah, mine is cryptic! It's pronounced backwards, as "cohs"! :skull:
  9. Shoc

    The Pod

    Nice! Are the Martians going to come out and build fighting machines from which they will blast people with their Heat-Rays and Black Smoke? :skull:
  10. Shoc

    Lego launches new Games range

    I hope so! They're pretty good as miniminifigures anyway, it gives me a new scale to build on! :skull:
  11. Shoc

    Lego launches new Games range

    Yipee, thanks for that! i can't get enough of seeing these great sets! And thanks to CopMike for alerting us about the new miniminifig picture! :skull:
  12. Shoc

    Somber News....

    Ahah, not in my country! :skull:
  13. Shoc

    Somber News....

    It's sombre. :skull:
  14. Thanks, yeah, I know what you mean. These aren't quite purist though... The same way I got a yellow Neville Longbottom head for the Mad Hatter - my trusty yellow Sharpie marker. I've used Sharpies on 5 of these figures actually (the exceptions being Joker, Freezegirl and Ra's)! :skull:
  15. Shoc

    Lego prank call

    Ahh, that was great! If I was on the other end, I would have figured it out. He has 'claws'. :skull: