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  1. chrisellis

    [MOC] Big Angry Ewok!

    that's hilarious and well built too
  2. chrisellis

    CAT 1: Killer Croc's Killer Croc

    very nice. I love the multiple layers to it
  3. chrisellis

    Gotham City Lighthouse

  4. chrisellis

    Brainiac attacks!

    very cool. I love the contrast in size of suits. seems more realistic
  5. chrisellis

    Al Khazneh

    very impressive work
  6. chrisellis

    CAT 1: Batman Returns (1992 Burton)

    very well done. I like it a lot
  7. chrisellis

    Tea Time!

    very cool moc
  8. chrisellis

    WIP Teaser of an American Frigate

    Its fine since u didn't claim they were yours and u linked em back to me too. Didn't know ya had till I saw the link backs in my Flickr stats today and yesterday from here so i had to check it out.
  9. Hope you dont mind that I used your photos from brickfair. Thanks for taking the time to take them.

  10. chrisellis

    WIP Teaser of an American Frigate

    glad you appreciated the photos I took. I was told you are the best ship builder