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  1. So me and my friend Kyle have been doing this for about a year now and we've amassed about 22 Zoid MOCs together. Hope you like what you see! My Zoids: Liger Zero Liger Zero Jager Liger Zero Schneider Liger Zero Panzer Dibison Storm Sworder Gojulas Elaphander War Shark Dark Horn Command Wolf Iron Kong Gun Sniper Naomi Spceial Zoids Logo Kyle's Zoids: Command Wolf Dibison Spinosapper Shield Liger Liger Gun Sniper Also if you're a Mecha builder or even if you just want to try out building a Zoid me and Kyle are holding a contest over at our Flickr group! We'd really appreciate it if you'd check it out and sign up! Click here to check out the contest:
  2. Mining Expedition on Terranium! The mass production Suverium mines on the mysterious planet Terranium are at full production! To provide Earth with it's main source of Sentrolite, what powers the newest form of transportation, The Expansulansulatororor.. Note the light up Suverium in the deep caves!