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  1. Gory51

    MOC: Scythe Personal Transport

    :D haha Thanks I really like that helmet tho....just wish I could get 2013 sets here where I stay. We are always so far behind. I am very keen to get that A-wing
  2. Gory51

    MOC: Scythe Personal Transport

    Wow that's cool. Where is that helmet from by the way? Oh and the 501st, is that reference to Vaders finest ? ;)
  3. Gory51

    Astro-miners Mobile Command Center

    Cool thanks for the info. Quite interesting. It may just help me in future if I try something big as well.
  4. Gory51

    Alien + Dinosaur = Xenomorph Tyrannosaurus

    My mind boggles. To even begin to think how any of these pieces could get used that way....I think its brilliant!!! Very creative and different to what I have seen before. PS Have you ever built a Dragon like this before?
  5. Gory51

    MOC: The New World, Hellven

    Was also wondering about the numbering and significance? I love this MOC though. How stable is the whole build though? Could you also perhaps share any background story/trivia to the various sections /details please ;) Great job though.
  6. Gory51

    RONSTON (ssc)

    My honest criticism, I would say.....its a bit blocky and the large number of square edges are too plain ( for me). Try substituting those bigger block pieces with smaller pieces that have different shapes/edges and details etc. Also try experiment a bit with some SNOT techniques. ;) i also suck at Photography, but one thing I do know, strong light is better than a flash, and if you have to use a flash, dont stand square on to your background picture, it gets that reflection coming back. I do like the red white and blue though, so try refine the details, but keep those colours. I think lots of practice just makes us all better. ;)
  7. Gory51

    MOC: Micro Scale Space port

    No comments / criticism? Is it really that bad/boring? :P
  8. Gory51

    Mobile Missile Launch Platform

    Thunderbirds are go!.....ah childhood memories, and agreed, this vehicle definitely captures that look. ( Not so sure about the minifigs though?) I would say the minifigs make this look more like some post apocalyptic are type vehicle. ( just my thoughts though ;) )
  9. Gory51

    Astro-miners Mobile Command Center

    WOW this thing is huuuge! How long did this take ? I would not even begin to understand how you start something like this, form planning to construction. I am still building very small scale. Would love to see the pics with the background you are talking about. It should look very good like that.
  10. Gory51

    GARC Retrieval Vehicle; SPLD.

    Well armoured, tough and rugged.....Gives that impression these guys don't mess around. Looks great
  11. Gory51

    MSFC: Invasion!

    /picks up jaw..... That destruction effect is simply awesome. And those buildings and that ship. Ive just done my first micro scale MOC and I am now really inspired to go back and build some more.
  12. Gory51

    MOC: Two-Headed Holy Man

    I have to say, the angles and lines are absolutely amazing, and yeah the colours are really "cool" for a sci-fi theme :)
  13. Gory51

    MOC: Micro Scale Space port

    Hey guys I have not uploaded much around here and have not really made many MOC's. I tried my hand at a micro scale space port with a few ships...and then I see there was a competition, lol . Well its not competition worthy I dont think. But i would like to know what you all think of this - my first micro scale vignette or scene type of MOC. I've built a few vehicles here and there before but never tried a setting/scene/scenario Here's a link to my flickr stream http://www.flickr.com/photos/79287307@N04/8461497251/in/set-72157632738116070/ Here's a shot or two
  14. Why the speeder has flick fire missiles though? In the game the speeders are personal transports, not military capable machines. That's just weird But otherwise it looks like a great set, and one which I will surely get. Thanks for the review :)
  15. Gory51

    The Future of Star Wars Contest

    Aha, thanks. I understand that part now. Some of us do have limited parts, so this is therefore a great way to be able to still compete, considering all entries have to be brickbuilt. Thank you for the clarity ;)